About BackIt

At Tesco, we want to help customers discover great new products from the best small food and drink businesses in the UK. That's why we've created Tesco BackIt.

Tesco BackIt gives small food and drink businesses the chance to tell their story and show off their products through running a crowdfunding campaign to help them grow.

You can discover and pledge towards products you like, choosing from a range of rewards as a thank you for your support. Plus you’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you make a difference.

We’ll do our bit too by helping the small business with advice and mentoring from industry experts. What's more, we don't charge the business anything for using the platform to crowdfund, so all of your generous pledges will go directly towards their funding target.

So have a browse of the campaigns, and if you like it - BackIt.

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Discover how Tesco BackIt works and find out more about starting your own campaign and our exciting Tesco BackIt partners.

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