General FAQs

What is Tesco BackIt?

Tesco BackIt gives small food and drink businesses the chance to tell their story and show off their products through running a crowdfunding campaign to help them grow.

You can discover and pledge towards products you like, choosing from a range of rewards as a thank you for your support. Plus you’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you make a difference.

We’ll do our bit too by helping the small business with advice and mentoring from industry experts.

So have a browse of the campaigns, and if you like it - BackIt.

How does Tesco BackIt work?

  1. Browse the latest new product campaigns from promising food and drink businesses looking for funding to grow.
  2. Choose how much you would like to pledge to support the campaign you have selected to back.
  3. Share the crowdfunding campaign with your friends to help the business you've backed reach its goal.
  4. Wait to see if the business reaches its full funding target within the campaign period:
    • We will take the pledge from your account and pass it to the business only if the funding target is met.
    • We will provide the businesses with advice and mentoring from industry experts.
    • Look out for a thank you from the business in the form of your chosen reward.
  5. Enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes from making a difference.

Who is Tesco BackIt for?

Tesco BackIt is for small businesses in the food and drink industry that are looking for support and funding in order to take the next step in growing their business.

What are the costs involved?

There is no cost to get on to Tesco BackIt and if the crowdfunding campaigns do not reach their funding target then no pledges will be taken. If the campaign is successful, there will be a 1.4% (+20p) payment processing fee from Stripe, our payment provider.

Who is responsible for completing the crowdfunding project?

The business being funded is responsible for the completion of the project and delivery of rewards to backers.

What if a crowdfunding project is unable to deliver?

The business being funded is responsible for the delivery of rewards to customers, and receive all the funds (less the 1.4% [+20p] payment processing fee from Stripe) at the end of the campaign. If you do not receive your reward, you should get in touch with the business directly. This can be done through the platform, by selecting ‘Get in touch’ on the project page. Or, you can get in touch with us directly here.

How do I start a crowdfunding campaign?

If you are interested in starting your own funding campaign on Tesco BackIt, you can register your interest here.

How often will new campaigns be added?

Campaigns are being added all the time, so keep an eye out for something new.

What type of businesses are on Tesco BackIt?

Tesco BackIt is for small food and drink businesses who are looking to take the next step to drive future growth.

Backer FAQs

Making a Pledge

How do I pledge?

To pledge to a project, first make sure that you're logged into Tesco BackIt. Then, on the project page which you want to back, select the ‘Pledge’ button. This will take you to the next page, where you can select the reward level that you want.

After selecting "Continue", you'll need to confirm your payment details.

To finalise your pledge, click "Pledge."

We’ll send you an e-mail to confirm your pledge! Remember – you won’t be charged until the end of the campaign, and only if the campaign reaches its full funding target.

What payment forms are accepted?

We can accept debit or credit card payments using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Is payment secure?

Tesco BackIt uses Stripe as its payment provider. You can find out more about Stripe here.

When will I be charged?

You will only be charged if the full funding target has been reached by the end of the campaign. If the campaign does not reach its funding goal, your card will not be charged.

Will I be notified before payment is taken?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation to let you know that the campaign has been successful and that your card will be charged.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail receipt at the time of your pledge.

What information does the business receive?

Businesses will need to access to certain information in order to be able to deliver any rewards. Businesses will be able to view the username and amount pledged by each backer. Your postal address will also be shared with the supplier so that they can send you your reward.

What is overfunding, and what happens if the project is overfunded?

Overfunding means that a project has exceeded its funding target. Projects on BackIt can be overfunded which means that customers can continue to pledge funds to a campaign, even after it has reached its target.

Can I pledge to a project internationally?

Currently, we only accept UK-based pledges.

Where can I keep track of my pledges?

You can keep a track of your pledges on your profile page.

Can I cancel a pledge?

By pledging to a campaign, you are offering your support to help the business reach its goal. However, if you need to cancel your pledge during the campaign period, this can be done by contacting our Customer Engagement Centre. Pledges cannot be cancelled after the end of the funding period. After the funding period has ended, you should get in touch with the business directly for any issues using the ‘Get in touch’ link on their campaign page.


Who is responsible for delivering rewards?

The business being funded is directly responsible for delivering rewards.

How will the business get my information to deliver rewards?

Businesses will need certain information in order to be able to deliver any rewards. Businesses will be able to view the name, e-mail address, amount pledged and postal address of their backers after the campaign has ended.

When will my reward be delivered?

Businesses will provide an estimated delivery date for their rewards on their campaign page. You will be able to see this date at the time of your pledge. The timeframes will vary for each business and it should be remembered that these are estimated dates, not firm delivery dates. Businesses are expected to keep you updated on the estimated delivery date if it should change.

What do I do if I don’t receive my reward?

Businesses will get in touch with backers if there will be a delay on the estimated delivery date of rewards. If the estimated delivery date for your reward has passed without any contact from the supplier and you do not receive your reward, you should contact the business directly. If you are unable to contact the business, please get in touch with us.


What is my profile page?

Once you’ve created an account on Tesco BackIt, a profile page will be created for you. This contains your account information, a record of campaigns you have backed and information about the number of referrals you have generated for a campaign through social sharing.

Your profile page is just for you and can’t be viewed by any other users.

How do I unsubscribe from Tesco BackIt e-mails?

If you receive our Tesco BackIt newsletter, you can opt-out by adjusting the setting in your profile page. Log in to your profile and select “Notifications” in the “Edit profile” section. To unsubscribe, uncheck the box by “Send me updates about Tesco BackIt”.

If you haven't created an account, you can still unsubscribe using the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the newsletter.

You will still receive key notifications about your pledge to any live campaigns, so that you know if the campaign has been successful and when the money will be debited from your account.

I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?

Don’t worry! If you’ve forgotten your account password, simply click the “Forgot your password?” link on the log in page, re-enter your e-mail and select “Reset Password”. We will send you an e-mail with instructions to reset.

Business FAQs

Who is Tesco BackIt designed for?

Tesco BackIt is a specialist crowdfunding platform designed for start-ups and small suppliers from the food and drink industry. Find out more about what we look for and starting your own campaign.

How does Tesco BackIt work?

It's really very simple. There are six steps:

  1. Set your funding target.
  2. Create a great campaign, with exciting rewards linked to your products.
  3. Share the campaign with your network to get as much backing as possible.
  4. Receive the funding when you reach your target.
  5. Thank your backers and deliver their rewards.
  6. Attend the engagement day hosted by Tesco to meet your mentor who will help guide you on your way.


How much can I raise?

Minimum £1,000, No upper limit.

Can projects be overfunded?

Yes - BackIt allows unlimited overfunding.

How long will I have to reach my funding target?

Up to 65 days.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to get onto Tesco BackIt and if campaigns do not reach their funding target they will incur no costs.

If the campaign is successful, there will be a 1.4% (+20p) payment processing fee from Stripe, our payment provider.

If my project is successfully funded, when do I receive my funds?

It takes us 14 days to collect all the funds from backers. Funds will then be transferred directly to your bank account as soon as we receive them.

What happens if I don’t get funded?

You won’t receive any funds that have been pledged and you won’t incur any charge from us. Backers who did pledge will receive a notification that the campaign was unsuccessful and they won’t be charged.

Can I pledge to my own project?

No. Through Tesco BackIt, we want you to broaden your reach and validate the potential of your product.


What rewards can I offer?

Backers will want to experience your great products, so our only criteria is that the rewards incorporate your product in some way. Get creative – see if you can offer something new and unique.

How are rewards delivered?

Rewards will be distributed by you – not by Tesco - once the campaign has successfully finished, so you should factor any delivery costs into your reward pricing.

How long do I have to deliver rewards?

It’s up to you, but you should make it clear on your campaign when you expect backers to receive their rewards. Be realistic when setting your delivery dates - it is important that you can meet your promises to customers.

Can I edit rewards after launch?

No, rewards cannot be edited after your campaign launches.

The Campaign

When will my campaign go live?

This will depend on the number of campaigns we have ready to go. We will confirm when we have a specific date but we will be constantly adding campaigns so it won’t be long.

Does Tesco BackIt review campaigns before they go live?

Yes - we will review all campaigns before they go live.

Does Tesco BackIt select which businesses are allowed?

Yes - in order to ensure a great experience for both backers and businesses, we select the campaigns that can be listed on BackIt.

Can I run multiple projects at a time?


How can I track my progress when live?

You can see how you’re doing through your profile on the BackIt platform. You will also be notified when you receive a pledge.

Your backers

Can I engage with backers during the campaign?

Yes – through the platform you can send them updates to let them know how you’re getting on.

What information can I see about my backers?

If your campaign is successful you will be able to view your backers name, e-mail address, postal address and the amount pledged at the end of the campaign.

When will I get information about who has backed my campaign?

You will receive this information soon after your campaign is successful.

Can I advertise that I’ve been successful on Tesco Backit?

Absolutely! We'd love to support you in making the most of your Tesco BackIt success. Please get in touch to let us know your plans.

Changes to a campaign

Can a project be edited after launch?

If you need to edit your campaign, you will need to get in touch with us at

Can I cancel my campaign after launch?

If you need to cancel your campaign, you will need to get in touch with us at

Can I change my estimated delivery dates?

Once your campaign goes live these cannot be edited on the platform.

Following the end of your campaign, if unforeseeable circumstances mean you can no longer meet your delivery dates this should immediately be communicated to your backers and Tesco BackIt.

If I am unable to complete my project, what do I do?

You should do everything you can to complete your project and deliver on your promises to backers. If it becomes impossible to do so, this should be immediately communicated to your backers and Tesco BackIt, along with details of how you intend to address this. It may be necessary to refund your backers.

What happens if backers’ cards are declined?

We will contact the backer and ask them to update their payment details. If it is not possible to collect payment, we will transfer the remaining funds that are collected for your campaign to you.

How do I set up my account to receive funds?

Prior to launching with Tesco BackIt we will ask you to set up an account with Stripe, our payment provider.

Complaints & refunds

What happens if a backer complains?

If complaints about the campaign or product reward come to us we will let you know. If necessary a refund or replacement reward should be given.

How do I issue a refund to my backers?

You will be able to issue a refund through your Stripe dashboard. If you wish to issue a refund, please let is know. Tesco BackIt is able to issue refunds through Stripe. We will never do this without prior notification.

Further questions

Is Tesco BackIt UK only or international?

Tesco BackIt is a UK only platform, for UK companies and UK customers. There is no requirement to deliver orders internationally, but suppliers will be expected to deliver across the whole of the UK.