Fodify - What are YOU Better Without?

Fodify - What are YOU Better Without?

by Fodify Foods


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Completion Date: Mon 01 May 2017




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What do you feel Better Without?

For some it may be gluten or dairy, but many people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) feel better avoiding onion and garlic. Removing these key ingredients can leave food bland and tasteless. With this in mind we created fantastic food pro that are packed full of flavour without any onion, garlic, gluten or dairy. We need to raise £4500 to boost our production and get our unique products to those who feel Better Without!

Why no onion or garlic?

Onion and garlic contain fermentable carbohydrates (known as FODMAPs) that can cause issues for people with a sensitive stomach or IBS. Up to three in four people with IBS feel better following a low FODMAP diet. Although many of us struggle to tolerate onion or garlic it is virtually impossible to find suitable foods that do not contain these ingredients. This inspired us to launch the first UK company dedicated to producing foods with no onion or garlic.

What is our story?

We (Janet and Hannah) are highly trained dietitians with a wealth of experience helping people manage their food intolerances. After hearing countless times from our patients that foods without onion and garlic would make life easier, we took matters into our own hands. We launched Fodify in 2015 and had our first batch of sauces ready for sale by May 2016.

Initially we produced our products in a small commercial kitchen and we have been selling these at exhibitions and through our website.  The next step for us is to move to a larger manufacturer in order to boost production and approach large retailers. We have secured an excellent site that can produce our sauce to the same quality but have a minimum order that we need to meet. This is where the need for funding comes in.

How can you help us?

Our funding target will help us to upscale our production so that we can make more products and get them to you faster!

Here's a breakdown of how we will use the funding:

  • Production costs for our Italian Pasta Sauce: £2000
  • Art work and labels: £1500
  • Storage and shipping: £1000

If you give generously and we exceed our target this will allow us to further develop and upscale our delicious Curry Sauce!

Our Rewards

In return for your contribution, we will send you jars of our amazing sauce and new spice mixes as soon as they are ready. In addition, we will send you our unique branded rewards for higher pledges.

How to find us

Follow us on social media to see our regular updates and follow our progress. We also post tips and recipes, as well as news and our take on the latest research.

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Help us to help you!

We want our products to help those who need them but we can’t do this without your help! Every pound gets us one step closer to our goal.

If you aren’t able to support us financially, you can still help by sharing this page with your family and friends so we can spread the message far and wide!

2 months ago

Thank you to everyone who has backed us so far! We are still a long way from our target with only a few days to go. PLEASE encourage your friends and family to back our campaign. Remember if we don'h hit our target, you won't receive your rewards.

Please help us help you! Share share share our campaign!!

Janet & Hannah

2 months ago

We are over half way to our target, with only a week to go! Please share our campaign far and wide!

Thank You!

Janet & Hannah

I really hope it's a success!

2 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you to all of you wonderful backers! Your support means SO much to us!

We have reached 40% of our goal with 20 days to go. Please share our campaign far and wide so we can hit our target!

Janet and Hannah

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1 May 2017
Katie Dulwich

After feeling so rubbish for over three months, both physically and mentally, I found out I had IBS a year ago. It was a huge relief to have some answers, but I really struggled to find foods that I could eat that also tasted nice too. I met the Fodify Foods team at the Free From Exhibition at Olympia shortly after that, where we spoke and I purchased the spices and pasta sauce. It was amazing not only to be able to eat food that tasted flavoursome and find foods that don't contain onion or garlic, but it was nice to be able to speak to people who understood how you were feeling and could offer some advice. (It sounds so cheesy but it made me feel better and it meant a lot). I have tried and love the pasta sauce and all three spices (which I use a lot)! I really hope that you guys receive enough to fund your campaign, so that more people with IBS can find yummy foods that they can eat. Thank you :)

12 Apr 2017
Catrin Styles

Thanks for trying to get this into the mainstream buying market. My mum needs it in her life.

10 Apr 2017
Fodify Foods

Thank you for all the messages of support - it really means the world! We're fighting hard to reach our target, and we'll get your products sent out as soon as we can (as long as we hit our target)!! Janet

2 Apr 2017
Matthew Forrester

I really hope this gets to goal, I need this!

27 Mar 2017
Yesrab Jumma

Good luck

22 Mar 2017
Paula Francis

I am a lone parent with IBS. Fodify products are a potentially a lifeline to sufferers and take stress out of the already daily grind of shopping on a budget and cooking from scratch all the time. By lifeline I mean, literally, 'having a life' and affording a treat and to be normal occasionally. The sooner Retail wakes up to the fact this suffering is real and low FODMAP is scientifically backed in the UK the better. It is not a Hipster Fad. Good luck with the campaign.

20 Mar 2017
Ben O'Brien

So i might be a sensitive soul diet wise but i still like my food to taste of something!

20 Mar 2017
Daniel Brewer

I have had your sauces before and they helped changed my life. With being a little more careful around what I eat, I avoid that horrible bloated feeling towards the end of the day!