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From the land of black tea & black cabs....

...comes Tg green tea, a new British award-winning brand, developed by two startup entrepreneurs Sophia and Hua. It offers a ready-to-drink and refreshingly modern take on ancient wellness traditions that have helped folks put a spring in their step for centuries.  


Why Tg Green Tea?

When last have you stood in front of the soft drinks’ aisle in a shop and thought “I’m thirsty but I don’t feel like water right now”? Or thought “I need a pick-me-up but not some weird stuff that comes in a can.” Or just felt for tea – something you know and love - but don’t have the time to brew a cup. Or thought “Surprise me, shelf with something different -  that will still taste good!” Or "I want something refreshing that’s not full of sugar." Tg green tea was developed for all of these reasons! 

Why are we here?

To ask for your help! If we hit our £10,000 crowdfunding target, we will be able to:

  • Buy a van to help get Tg green teas delivered to more workplaces, homes and charities,  
  • Build sales support to help get our drinks into more shops, and
  • Make lots of drinks so more folks can get the chance to enjoy something different, something better. 

With even more money pledged, we can take Tg hopefully national to get it available where you live, work and play. We will account to you for every penny spent and will apply the same resourcefulness and care to your pledge that got us to where we are today. 

Even if you can’t pledge, please support our campaign by sharing and spreading the word for us. 

Two women on a mission! 

We’re Sophia and Hua, co-founders of Tg green teas.

Dr Hua He: “I was raised in China and lived/worked in Japan and France before moving to the UK almost 10 years ago. I am a qualified medical doctor and research physician. When I was growing up in Shanghai, health & wellness knowledge of green tea and other fruit & botanicals were a part of everyday life – as it has been in China for over 4,000 years.”

Sophia Nadur: “I grew up in the Caribbean and moved to London in 2001 (not for the weather). I held a number of marketing & innovation positions in global food & drinks companies, then decided to leave the corporate world as I became more and more frustrated with the slow pace of change for the better. I give back a bit to my local community already through service as a magistrate and being a healthier food & drink advocate."

Sophia: “Hua and I both saw the trend starting for folks craving healthier drinks and wanting to cut down on sugar consumption, but not just that! There were not many drinks on the shelf that were naturally healthier, made with familiar ingredients and also reasonably priced.”

Hua “With our own savings, a few grants and buckets of passion, knowledge & tenacity, we set up Tg green teas - a beverage start-up on a mission to get more healthy and tasty drinks available where folks want them!” 

Did you know? It was a Brit, Richard Blechynden, who many say introduced iced tea to the world back in 1904. Won’t it be nice if we could say “iced teas are comin’ home"?

Inspired by ancient wellness traditions...

Quality, taste, culture, convenience, accessibility and tradition - all of these factors have been given equal weight, every step of the way.
For example, we use real brewed green tea which gives the drink a soft and crisp taste.
We also consulted the “Bencao gangmu”, a Chinese medical book of ancient health and wellness traditions to help choose special fruit & botanicals in our drinks, some already familiar like mandarin and some that are excitingly new to us like the Jujube fruit.

...designed for modern life in Britain

We also knew we might need to convince folks that drinking green tea didn't have to be - for some at least - like taking medicine! So we consciously developed a drink that fits in perfectly with our busy lives and is also tasty.
Sophia: “A London based designer created our packaging graphics, combining traditional elements - kites, calligraphy, and Chinese characters – with expressive global street art that adorn London streets.This unique East meets West design helped us win a Global Packaging Design AwardIt was also important for us that Tg green teas are – unlike many of the bottled teas on shelf today – made in Britain and we are proud to work with a lovely producer based in Yaxley, Cambridgeshire.” 
Hua: “Tg is the only range of iced green teas that is low in total sugar - so low its uniquely "green" on nutritional traffic lights which helped us earn loads of plaudits from nutritionists and become a Best Tea Finalist at the 2015 World Beverage Innovation Awards.

Where we are currently

We’ve created a high quality green tea that is low in sugar and great tastingWe’ve created a new British brand that is uniquely inspired by Chinese culture, nature’s wisdom, and unconventional street art.

We are already in local speciality food shops, & delis. We have a growing base of fans and families ordering from our online shop. But we need to do much more to help get Britain drinking green tea every day. We can’t do it ourselves so that’s why we are here; to ask for YOUR help.


How can you help?

Please pledge!

Every person who pledges gets a chance to try our amazing blended brews as well as enjoy other gifts with our thanks. We know if you try our tea, you will see why we’re so passionate about Tg green teas! We want to raise awareness for Georgie Moseley's charity "Help Harry Help Others" which was setup to support children suffering with brain cancer (and their families) & encourage more brain tumor research. Everyone who pledges more than £10 to our crowdfunding campaign, in addition to the stated rewards, a specially designed handmade commemorative bracelet. Please also visit to take part in their #cancersucks challenge. 

Even if you cannot pledge, please spread the word – to friends, on social media – shout it from the rooftops! There’s an old Chinese proverb that we believe whole heartedly: “A single spark can start a prairie fire”. We want to light a few fires to propel people to make green tea a regular part of their day – in tasty and convenient ways.  But we need YOUR help.

Find us here 

Please follow us to find out how we’re doing and hear more from our bloggers & other folks who already love Tg green teas. We will be giving very regular updates during our fundraising campaign and we’ll be on hand to chat about our drinks and where you’d like to see them available.
Thank you.
Sophia & Hua
Twitter - @drinktg
Instagram -
Facebook -
Youtube -

7 months, 3 weeks ago

"Thank YOU ! We hit our #Backit #crowdfund target." Over to you now Tesco! Let's get a delish & healthier innovative drink in-store! Folks can't wait..... VIDEO - thank you from our organic tea plantation!

7 months, 3 weeks ago

It's the last day for our crowdfunding campaign and only a few precious hours left before the Tesco Backit campaign end. Please share this message with your social network as there may be friends & colleagues who would have loved the chance to say "I helped them when they were nobodies".

7 months, 3 weeks ago

100 pledges. 100 backers. £10,000 raised. Thank you to each of you - and to a special "dragon" who made an unexpected huge pledge this afternoon that took us over our crowdfunding target. You said you were tired of receiving so many emails from Tg (yeah! yeah! I know, you're nodding your head too) but, more importantly, you said that you believe in us and our innovative drink......and want to see it in store in Tesco's. Over to you, Tesco. 

We still have 3 days to go and we will continue to push hard to earn more pledges. With every additional £ over our target, we will be able to deliver our drinks to more and more cafes, delis, workplaces and charities all across Britain - and to ensure sales support is on hand to fulfill orders once folks have sampled our drinks.

Tomorrow, I will be at Tesco Express 131 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4JQ sharing our teas with shoppers between 10:30am and 4pm so pop over if you are in the neighbourhood. My brother perhaps got the short straw as he will instead be helping 2 promoters whip up passersby into a frenzy over Tg green tea near South Kensington station in the morning and later in the Kings Cross area. All together, we're aiming to spread word about our special drink and the Backit campaign with 1,500 people over an 8 hour period. We'll have a bit more spring in our step now knowing we've hit an all important milestone. 

Thank you again, my secret dragon and to the 99 folks who believe in our mission! As an old Chinese saying goes....星星之火可以燎原 "A single spark can start a prairie fire." Well, you've started many fires......quite apt of course as we're coming up to Bonfire Night. 

7 months, 3 weeks ago

We know you believe #DownwithJunk - that's why you pledged your support.  A VOTE for Tg says #ImWithHer ……that is, with Hua & me, not the other "HER"! 

8 months ago

For every pledge of £10 or more, you will receive soon after the campaign closes a personal thank you note and a gift of iced & hot tea, an e-voucher worth up to £25, a Tg branded tea infuser, and/or a smoothie blender. Non-UK pledges will be rewarded with other special treats!

We have another special prize that I need you to share with your company CEO or HR today! For a £250 donation, I will personally come in and serve tea at your workplace or favourite charity…….and give a talk on innovation, entrepreneurship or launching a startup. This is a gift so personal, so unique, and such good value you'll be kicking yourself for not getting your company to grab one before the campaign closes.  

8 months ago

Good Sunday morning everyone. For folks in Britain, we've enjoyed an extra hour of delicious sleep! We received the delicious news late Friday that Tesco extended our crowdfunding campaign to 7/Nov because they really want us to hit the target. It is only if we hit our target that we get access to a host of support from them to get us ready to be listed in a major get the things we need to support our innovative British brew!

Hua and I need your help. You believed in us enough to back us. Please share with your network today or tomorrow news of the campaign extension and ask folks to pledge. We're over the halfway mark so we can get there together with you. 

As well, if you know of an event happening between 31st October and 7th November where you think our drinks might be a good fit, please ring me on 07767618559 or email me on It's not just Tg is a new healthier product but Backit is a new platform so there is a lot to tell folks in order to get them to support us. A one on one conversation at at your office, at a public tasting session, at a Meetup etc. goes a long way to getting folks to appreciate the campaign enough to make a pledge. 

Have a nice day.

Sophia Nadur, Tg co-founder

8 months, 1 week ago

There are only 7 days to go before the end of the crowdfunding campaign and I need your help in spreading the word about "Backit" and our campaign as the only way we will be in with a chance to make Tg available up and down the country in Tesco is if this campaign is successful.

It is very clear when you listen to consumer/shopper feedback during tasting sessions, folks definitely want Tg green teas on shelf. We received a strong positive response from sampling undertaken just this weekend. More than 750 customers enjoyed Tg green tea at Vegfest London and we even got the chance to sample our iced teas at Tesco Watford on a busy Saturday. 

We have loads of personal selling activities on all week this week including a number of meetups, TechDay exhibition, and the TEDX Whitehall Women event. If you know of an event where our drinks might be a good fit, please ring me on 07767618559 or email me on as from all the advice I've been given, the vast majority of folks involved in crowdfunding projects only step up to support it in the last few days (even if they have heard about it for sometime). 

Let's go!

8 months, 1 week ago

Public Health England (PHE) recently announced that they want industry to commit to reducing sugar content in food & drink by 20%, by 2020. This week, PepsiCo announced that by 2025 at least 2/3 of their drinks will have 100 calories or fewer from added sugar per 12 oz (340ml) serving!

Encouraging commitments, yes, but another 200,000 people would have died in the UK before their time from diabetes by 2025 and - more importantly - there are easy "wins" PHE, government and retailers can do NOW to ensure healthier store shelves!”

If you look closely at the table below you will see the calorie and sugar content of a number of soft drinks. Reducing the sugar content in Liptons' iced tea by 20% means it will still contain almost 5 teaspoons of sugar in 2020. As well, it will take years for even new drinks launched with obscene levels of sugar hidden behind deceptive "no added sugar" labels to be forced to reduce sugar content.

The good news is that Tg green tea is ready for "mass listing" and will help to shake up the iced tea & "healthy botanical" drinks segment - offering all the benefits green tea and other wellness ingredients but proudly carrying a "green light" nutritional label.

You know the potential for Tg otherwise you won't have backed us. Thank you! Now get shouting about it so lots of other folks will know. We only have 11 days to go until the close of the campaign and we must hit the target otherwise you may have to wait until 2030 to see a healthier drink like Tg on shelf.

8 months, 1 week ago

To help us spread our mission, we turned to a source of early inspiration for our packaging design, namely London street art. “Street art" is essentially a tool for folks to communicate with the public about socially relevant messages (sometimes purely aesthetic images) free from the confines of the formal art world. We first met street artist “Ricky Also” at a local council sponsored regeneration project in North West London more than a year ago. 

It’s his spray cans and expressive art that has lit up a Bournemouth wall as seen here in his first video for Tg green teas. 


We hope that the visual storytelling style of street art will help connect our healthier every day drinks mission to folks up and down the country who are also frustrated with what’s on shelf today. 

Thank you everyone who already made a pledge to our Tg green tea campaign. We are now only 12 days away from the end of the campaign so every day - every hour, every minute - counts towards hitting our goal. If you pledged a long time ago and can recruit a new backer, let me know and I will make sure to personally include one of these special bracelets in your reward box which you'll receive in November. Yeah, as they say, "every little helps".

8 months, 2 weeks ago

Everyone who pledges more than £10 to our crowdfunding campaign between now and 31st October will receive an extra special reward i.e. a commemorative #cancersucks bracelet handmade by the Help Harry Help Others charity. 

Why this charity?

In April, we ran a #PayitForward twitter promotion which encouraged folks to retweet and tag their favourite charity to also receive teas from us. Philip Rogers ( tagged the Help Harry Help Others charity ( who later received a couple of boxes of hot & iced tea from us. We had never heard of this charity before which is not unusual given the many thousands of charities around the country who work tirelessly below the radar.

"Harry" was Harry Moseley, an 11 year old boy who died of brain cancer in 2011. RIP. Before he died he started making bracelets to raise funds for other folks with terminal cancer. Harry's mum, Georgie Moseley, continued the charity in his name after he died. 

When the charity received our teas, Georgie sweetly tagged us with a photo of our teas and we enjoyed a bit of banter with her and some of the charity supporters. Then, shortly after we announced in September we were going to be running this crowdfunding campaign, Georgie surprised us with a supportive tweet about green tea being great for cancer victims -

Shortly after, I contacted Georgie to ask her if she would make us a limited number of bracelets in "Tg colours" in exchange for a private donation. Georgie and John handmade the bracelets for us.

Why the hashtag "#cancersucks"?

The Help Harry Help Others charity is currently running a #cancersucks "water bucket" style challenge activity. Please get involved as it's fun and helps spread awareness for the charity and it's important work to make the lives of kids with brain cancer and their families a bit easier -

Thank you!!!!!

Thank you everyone who already made a pledge to our Tg green tea campaign. We are now only 18 days away from the end of the campaign so every day - every hour, every minute - counts towards hitting our goal. If you pledged a long time ago and can recruit a new backer, let me know and I will make sure to personally include one of these special bracelets in your reward box which you'll receive in November. Yeah, as they say, "every little helps".

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Please share the campaign link with your social network today to help us get another £1000 in the pledge "bank" by Monday.

Tesco Backit is providing us with incredible exposure to new retail partners, customers and folks who have pledged their time & experience to help us build routes to market etc. Thank you.

As you know, a crowdfunding campaign's success depends on how much the "crowd" - that's you, me and millions more like us up and down the country - get behind it. We are planning a "thunderclap" on social media next week and need you to lend us your Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr account so we can send 1 message at the same time. Already, we will have the message going out to 200,000 folks but would love you to join our "Thunderclap" - Click HERE to sign up

Thank you

Sophia, Co-founder Tg green teas

9 months ago

Some folks might be thinking, "Yuck, green tea!" I thought the same until a few years ago when I was re-introduced to the tea plant. I wrote about how I felt here - "Drink green tea? Me?" Yes you can and why you should"

Tg green teas are tasty but don't take our word for it. Hear from a few other folks:

Russell, a passionate tea lover and blogger says our iced Tg is "gorgeous", "invigorating" and "refreshing". We think YOU'RE gorgeous too! Check out Russell's review of our teas

Michael from "Hashtagteaclub" is a proud Yorkshireman who holds green tea in as high regard as visiting Lancashire (his words!). No one, but no one, could get him to drink green tea....until Tg. Here ihe is in  lumberjack shirt sipping Tg green tea. "It wasn't all that bad" he said before he went for a lie-down to recover #teaclub Michael's (mostly his dad's) thoughts of Tg green teas

Chelsea, a tea lover and Taste the Tea blogger thinks our drinks are something special. Check out her review of our teas (and other stuff) here - Taste the tea blog about Tg teas

9 months, 1 week ago

Today, store shelves are filled with drinks that entice us with sugar and empty calories. Even drinks that claim to be good for us are all too often high in sugar or filled with artificial ingredients. Worse, many “new age” drinks come from unfamiliar and unsustainable sources. And as for the drinks that really are healthy? Sadly, many of them do not taste great.

This is what drove Hua & I to develop Tg green teas. We live and breathe each day our mission to help get healthier drinks on shelf. So when a well known dietitian who's appeared on BBC and in major newspapers advocating healthier & balanced lifestyles says she loves our drinks, it makes it all worthwhile for us. 

Watch Nichola Whitehead make 3 smoothie recipes using Tg green teas in a delicious Youtube video - Tg green tea smoothie Youtube video

Thank you, Nichola, and thank you Tesco BackIt supporters. You believed in us from the start!

Sophia,the nutty one

(watch the campaign video - you'll understand)

“Tg” , a new British brand, offers a modern take on ancient traditions that help folks strengthen their roots and put a spring in their step. Our hot & iced green tea drinks taste as good as they are good for you. We are on a mission to get green tea  adopted as a daily habit for people all over the UK. That’s why we are crowdfunding on Tesco BackIt. Please share our update with friends and family! Tg Green Teas — Drink Up

9 months, 2 weeks ago

What an exciting few days!

Just a brief note from Hua & me to thank everyone who’s backed our project so far – it’s an amazing feeling to be at 14% of our initial total pledge amount after such a short time. 

We're off to sample our Tg green teas at Tesco HQ today so fingers crossed staff there love our drinks too. 

Here are links to the full testimonials of 2 wonderful women featured in our campaign video

We will share news regularly via this update page of the campaign and feel free to message us here or via if you have questions or suggestions.

Keep sharing the campaign with friends & colleagues to help us spread the word.

Thank you

Sophia, Co-founder Tg green teas

9 months, 3 weeks ago

NEWSFLASH: We found out just today that ALL 3 delish, low-sugar real brewed Tg green teas have been shortlisted for a major UK award, the 2016 Quality Food Awards:

  • Tg green tea with ginseng - 2016 Good Choice! Quality Food Award shortlist
  • Tg green tea with mandarin & ginseng - 2016 Cafe! Quality Food Award shortlist
  • Tg green tea with jujube & ginseng - 2016 Good Choice! Quality Food Award shortlist

The Good Choice! Quality Food Awards are designed to highlight best practice in those food products that are specifically designed and marketed as healthier, free from or alternative diet.

The Café Quality Food Awards reward excellence in food and drink product development within the thriving multiple and independent café sector.

Hua & I are already rummaging in our wardrobes to find outfits for the Awards event and we can't wait to meet Chef Phil Vickery (ITV This Morning) who'll be handing out some of the awards on 21/October.


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7 Nov 2016
Peter Gibbons

Well done Sophia & Hua!

4 Nov 2016
Sarah Mitson

Great initiative!

3 Nov 2016

Yeay... You made your target. Can't wait to get my TG. Congratulations ladies!!!

3 Nov 2016
Lisa Tse

The best Green Tea in the market place.

3 Nov 2016
Kirsty Cockburn

A great healthy product and a good match to bring it to TEDx Whitehall Women

2 Nov 2016
John Stapleton

Keep up the good work, Sofia!

30 Oct 2016

"I was impressed by both the drink and the founder's story. I really hope she hits her target." - message from backer who gave cash

26 Oct 2016
David Szonda

Pure green tea! Excellent quality !

25 Oct 2016
Nicole Fearon

Good luck Sophia and Hua.

24 Oct 2016
Sarah Hilleary

Come on ladies! Let's get you funded #womeninbusiness #entrepreneur

21 Oct 2016
Kenneth Bain

Great product, good luck!

18 Oct 2016
Michelle Stewart

Thanks so much for the delicious teas! I wish you mush success with your project!

13 Oct 2016
Julie Dupre

Great concept, beautiful drinks but why make me sign up for a Tesco club card in order to pledge?

13 Oct 2016
Patrick Wall

As promised, and a great project. Regards Patrick

1 Oct 2016
Peter Rabin

I really hope this proves successful

20 Sep 2016
Omar Shafi

Great work, keeping the business and entrepreneurial ethics up for Warwick University!

20 Sep 2016
Gwen Rhys

Good luck - here's hoping you make the target!

19 Sep 2016
Nichola Whitehead

Good luck!! Nic xx

12 Sep 2016

Best of luck with the product! 祝你好运

10 Sep 2016

Great efforts. Go for it Sophia. Looks fab!

8 Sep 2016

Looks like a very interesting product and I hope it does well.

7 Sep 2016

I love Green tea, and TG is by far and away the best I've found in all my years of looking. Finally a decent healthy cold drink!

7 Sep 2016
James M

Best of luck guys!

7 Sep 2016

Excellent idea and wish all the best of the project!

7 Sep 2016
Hannah Lidgate

Good luck!

6 Sep 2016

good luck

6 Sep 2016

Great product. Love it.

6 Sep 2016

Great people, great product whay else is there to say! Lets have it on the shelf so that it is easily accessible for all to enjoy.

6 Sep 2016

Excited for this for you Sophia and Hua!

6 Sep 2016

Great product - it deserves to do well

5 Sep 2016

Good luck! Your green tea is the best available, in my opinion. Jo

2 Sep 2016

Excited. Heard this is great!!

2 Sep 2016

Love Tg Tea and the founders.... Keep the funding coming!