Drunken Berries Alcoholic Prosecco Mixers

Drunken Berries Alcoholic Prosecco Mixers

by DrunkenBerries


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What is Drunken Berries?

Drunken Berries is an award winning alcoholic Prosecco Mixer brand which can also be drizzled on desserts and frozen into a sorbet.

The recipe was originally created for a friends New year’s eve party by husband and wife (Andre and Gemma) and has since gone on to win 2 Great Taste awards including 2 Gold Stars for the Raspberry Gin Mixer and 1 Gold star for the Blackberry Brandy Mixer.

A fine balance of puréed berries, caramelized sugar, lemon juice and high quality spirits from an independent London distiller ensures each bottle is packed with berry flavour without over powering your dessert or Prosecco.

Why are we crowdfunding?

We are currently not on sale anywhere and this is why we need your help.

We'd love you to be a part of helping us bring something new to the drinks and dessert market and every pledge will go towards:

  • A new ecommerce website so we can start to generate sales (estimated cost £400) 
  • A social media advertising campaign - Our first ever Facebook video achieved 1,400 views and 24 Shares and we would love to make more. Connecting with consumers and stockists via social media with engaging videos and recipe-focused content is an effective way to drive new interest in our brand, keep backers updated and generate sales (estimated cost £1600)


We have created some awesome and exclusive reward packs priced at the same RRP we hope to achieve in the shops (around £5-£6 per bottle) - unfortunately, we have to use a 3rd party fulfilment company to box and ship out to you so this does increase the delivery cost slightly but we promise we are not making any money on the delivery charge.

We hope the delivery charge will be a price worth paying to get your hands on something exclusive, plus you will be able to enjoy a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you are supporting a small independent business and we will show our appreciation by thanking you personally on Facebook as well. 

What are the risks?

Production is outsourced to a SALSA accredited third party and packaging and shipping will be done by a third party logistics business so we are ready and waiting to send out your Rewards. However, if we do not reach our funding target the rules for Tesco BackIt state that we cannot send out your rewards and your money will be refunded, so please pledge with confidence and help us spread the word on Facebook.

Find us here

We will be posting updates and videos on our social media pages so make sure you follow us to find out how we're doing.

Don't drink? - You can still help us succeed!

You don't need to purchase our reward packs to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would like to Perk Up their Prosecco – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, by email, telephone or even a chat over the fence.


    Q: What happens if you reach your target and start over funding?

    A: If we are lucky enough to go beyond our goal we promise to use any extra money raised for:

      • Trade Shows – Trade shows are an excellent platform to find new distributors and retailers, but can be expensive. We have recently entered a competition to try and win a stall at a Trade show in London Olympia but we can’t just rely on competitions and will need to purchase places as well. Any extra funds raised will be put towards helping us pay for stalls at these types of shows.
      • In-Store Tastings – If we are successful in finding our first high street retailer we would like to offer in store tasting programmes to encourage in store sales.


      Please note that whilst our label design may be subject to slight changes, our great flavours won't!

      We cannot sell alcoholic products to anyone under 18. For this reason, we may refuse to deliver a reward at our discretion. The right to a reward may not be transferred from you as the backer to any other person. By making a pledge you confirm that you and the person the reward is to be delivered to, are aged 18 years or over.

      7 months, 3 weeks ago

      At 12am on the 3rd November 2016 Drunken Berries became the first UK business to successfully complete a Tesco BackIt campaign 220% funded. A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the campaign it’s been a great experience and we now qualify for 6 months of mentoring from some amazing UK businesses including Brewdog.com, Propercorn.com, staustellbrewery.co.uk and allaboutfoodltd.com.
      As soon as Tesco gives us the green light we will instruct our order fulfilment company to start sending out your rewards and will announce it here so you know when to expect them.

      7 months, 4 weeks ago

      Hi Everyone, Tesco have extended our campaign until 11:59pm Thursday 3rd November so if you had been planning on purchasing a Prosecco mixer reward pack you still have time.

      Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign through shares (1000+) and pledges (208% Funded) we are looking forward to finally sending out your rewards - watch this space.

      8 months, 1 week ago

      Yesterday we did our first ever in-store tasting at Tesco Cambridge Newmarket Superstore. We managed to give away 150 Prosecco mixer tasters and got some amazing feed back in the process, thanks to everyone who stopped and sampled we had a great day.


      8 months, 2 weeks ago

      Hi Everyone, Sorry we have not updated our campaign for a while, to make up for it we thought you might be interested to see your rewards being made, so here's a short video showing you a sneek peak behind the scenes at our Factory.

      Click on the link below for the video.


      Thanks again for your support


      9 months, 1 week ago

      We did it !

      At 14:15pm today our 50th backer pushed us over our Crowd funding target and we have now moved in to over funding mode with 37 days still to run.

      A Big Thank you to everyone who has pledged or shared our reward crowdfunding campaign, we  could not have done it with out you, but it's not over yet.

      Q: What happens now?
      A: Tesco Backit allows unlimited over funding and as production and shipping of our rewards is outsourced to 3rd parties we are able to continue taking pledges in return for reward packs until the official finish date of 31st October 2016.

      Q: What will you do with any extra money raised?
      A: The extra money raised will be used for Trade Shows, Food Festivals, new product development and marketing so you can continue to pledge knowing that we will put all funds received to good use.

      We cant wait to see where we will finish

      Best Wishes

      The Drunkenberries Team

      Congratulations! Great news.

      9 months, 1 week ago

      FRIDAY UPDATE – 29th September 2016

      Hi Everyone

      A big Thank you to our first 42 backers. We really appreciate your support and we are thrilled to be 89% funded with 38 days still to go.

      We will now be posting updates here every Friday to keep you all up to date on the campaign progress and we will also be posting more general updates on our Facebook page as well so make sure you follow us on Facebook.

      The Tesco platform does not allow us to contact you directly so if you would like to get in touch you can email us at  admin@drunkenberries.co.uk or private message us at www.facebook.com/DrunkenBerries and we will get back to you asap.


      That's it for now, we will hopefully have more to tell you next Friday (especially if we reach our Target)

      Thanks again for all your shares and pledges.

      The Drunken Berries Team

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      8 Nov 2016

      Lost my card now replaced .

      7 Nov 2016

      Apologies wrong card details! All the best!

      1 Nov 2016
      Chris Ransley

      Good luck with your venture.

      30 Oct 2016
      Janice Aspinall

      Looking forward to receiving my drunken berries in time for my birthday and Christmas 🍾 Looks a fab product 🍸

      17 Oct 2016
      Julie Moore

      Good luck xx Paul and Julie

      2 Oct 2016

      Looking forward to my delivery x best of luck in your new venture xx

      2 Oct 2016

      Praying this isn't a scam

      25 Sep 2016
      Helen Horton

      Wishing the Drunken Berries team every success for the future!

      25 Sep 2016

      Looks like a great product. I can't wait to receive this, I'm going to give some away for a Xmas present and take one to the New Years Eve party I'm going to.

      24 Sep 2016
      Sue Joyce

      Excellent Product

      24 Sep 2016
      David Stanley

      I would like to share it with my local friends

      24 Sep 2016
      Alex Morley

      All the best to Drunken Berries! The Morleys

      22 Sep 2016

      Pledged, they look great! Best of luck

      22 Sep 2016

      Very best of luck and look forward to watching the rise of Drunken Berries!

      22 Sep 2016

      This looks like a fantastic idea, I can't wait to try it :)

      14 Sep 2016
      Andrew Hill

      Looks great! I pledged £36 - how do I choose which of the two options I get?

      12 Sep 2016

      Excellent commercial products and a business that deserves to be successful which, given their hard work and effort, I'm sure it will be.

      11 Sep 2016

      Well done Andre & Gemma. Much love! X

      11 Sep 2016

      Great product and good luck reaching your target!

      7 Sep 2016
      James M

      Love the idea - hope you reach your target!

      7 Sep 2016
      Hannah Lidgate

      Looks like a lovely product - hope you make it to your target!