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Welcome to Go Faster Food!

We're raising £10K to fund our sampling programme so that as many people as possible can get to taste our totally delicious new product, Go Bites®.

Passionate about the link between what we eat and how we perform and feel, we believe REAL food fuels you better. BUT it has to be delicious. Just like our Go Bites®!

Our vision is to be a globally recognised brand within 5 years, which is as well known for its delicious products and for nutritional advice you can implicitly trust.

But it goes deeper than this.

Crucially we want to pass on our knowledge to the next generation.

By 2025, our vision is for every child to leave school with the skills to cook 10 healthy, energy-giving meals and to understand the concepts behind our #eatlikeanathlete programme, or similar.

Who is Kate Percy? ...

Kate Percy has spent 7 years building the brand through her best-selling Go Faster Food recipe books and trusted food for fitness advice in fitness magazines including 220 Triathlon magazine, Running Fitness and Athletics Weekly. Now Kate and her team work with Olympians, Great Run, Virgin Sport, as well as thousands of sports enthusiasts across the UK and beyond.

We have also developed a fantastic #eatlikeanathlete education programme which we deliver in schools and sports clubs with the help of our growing network of sports ambassadors (perhaps you recognise Olympian Jazmin Sawyers, who was recently picked by on ITV's The Voice?!)


Why are Go Bites® so good?

  • They taste amazing.
  • Great to eat before, during or after exercise*.
  • Great to eat with a cuppa to help fuel your busy day.*
  • Coeliac UK approved, they're gluten free, wheat free, dairy free.
  • Two out of three are vegan.
  • They’re one of your five a day and an excellent source of fibre.
  • Bite-sized treats, they’re great for sharing.
  • 10% of net profits from every pack of Go Bites® will fund our #eatlikeanathlete education programme...

How can you help?

We know that once people taste our Go Bites® they’ll absolutely love them. So we need to get more people tasting them! We’ve joined the Tesco Back-it crowd funding scheme to raise 10K to fund our sampling programme. That's sampling at sports events and in store promotions to spread the word...

Take a look at the mouth watering rewards we have to offer!



Kate's Go Bites ®

Our educational resources:

A set of 7 lesson plans (here's the cover of lesson plan 2):

A set of 8 B2 Posters (here's an image of one of them):

Or get a talk or workshop for your school, club or workplace:

And last but not least's our gorgeous apron!

Join in to help us achieve our vision!

We’ll be donating 10% of net profits from every pack of Go Bites® to our #eatlikeanathlete education programme, working with sports and educational organisations across the UK to make this happen.

More workshops, more resources, more impact!

Become part of our journey, we’d love to have you on board.

Thank you!


  • We are launching a huge social media campaign to give us the best chance to reach our target. But why not help us absolutely SMASH IT by spreading the word. Share on social media and tell all your friends, colleagues and family about us. We’d really appreciate it.
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  • We love to talk (well Mark does!) so feel free to contact us via facebook, twitter or instagram if you have any questions, or on
  • We’ll also send you regular updates via email.
  • You can also check out our website at

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30 Mar 2017

Good Luck Kate!!!!

27 Mar 2017
Mark Johnston

Awesome product -tastes great both on the bike and with a cup of tea relaxing !

22 Mar 2017
Phil Evans

Great business, great product

18 Mar 2017
Liz Davidson

Good luck!

10 Mar 2017
Caroline Mason

Great product. Hope it all goes well.

9 Mar 2017
Fiona Young

Good luck with the balls!! Can't wait to try them :)

6 Mar 2017
Anna Freeman

Good Luck, Kate and Mark. Allan & Anna Freeman

4 Mar 2017
Deirdre Garvey

Good luck Kate & Mark! Deirdre & James

1 Mar 2017
Jennifer Berry

What a fantastic product! Good luck with the 2025 mission !

23 Feb 2017
Brenda Percy

Although no longer an athlete, owing to my great age, I find Go Bites sustain me on long and trying journeys and long walks through the countryside and along the cliff paths. Good luck with the campaign!

21 Feb 2017
Susan Kidd

looking forward to box. Thanks

20 Feb 2017
Ed Yarker

Good luck!

12 Feb 2017
Lindsey Dick

Good luck!

10 Feb 2017
Tony Anderson

Good luck with the campaign!

9 Feb 2017
Robert Hopkins

A terrific product and an inspiring vision.

9 Feb 2017
Rich Berry

Go, Go, Go Bites

8 Feb 2017
Andrew Bolton-Jones

I give a couple of Go Bites to my 7 year old and to myself at our mini Rugby training sessions (I am one of coaches!) . The difference in energy levels is remarkable to say the least. It is a bonus to know that it is a particularly natural and healthy product. Good luck Kate Percy and Go Faster Food.

8 Feb 2017
Andrew Bolton-Jones

This product really works. I take a couple before my Thursday personal training session to get the most out of it.

8 Feb 2017
Andrew Bolton-Jones

Thank you Tesco and Go Faster food!

3 Feb 2017

I thought I pledged £85 not £10 please advise

2 Feb 2017
Don Furze

An interesting product - All the best

1 Feb 2017
Jem Smale

Good Luck guys.... Sounds great.... can't wait to try them!

1 Feb 2017
Sue Barnes

Really hope campaign is successful...good luck Kate!

31 Jan 2017
Helena Wood

Go Go Faster Food Go!

31 Jan 2017
Mark Collingwood

I have a Go Bite or two before and after a run but actually they`re so tasty that I find I`m eating them as I sit in front of the TV!

30 Jan 2017
Sylvia Bolton-Jones

As a quick energy booster I would now only reach for a Go Bite!