ADONIS Low Sugar Revolution

ADONIS Low Sugar Revolution

by Adonis Smart Foods Ltd


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We want to make people happy and their lives convenient. We want to make it easy for people to snack on delicious low sugar, natural and healthy food. As a result we recently launched two snack bars that are 100% natural and low sugar. They are made of nuts, seeds, and fibres, and the feedback from our customers so far has been really impressive.

To reach our customers better and cater for their needs, we want to create new packaging in the form of multipacks to be able to supply to larger retailers where customers prefer larger pack sizes. Additionally, we want to develop a third flavour in our snack bar range. For that we aim to raise £3,000 and give some awesome rewards to our supporters.

About Us

Adonis aims to make healthy living simple & delicious. We create natural, nutritious and delicious snacks that are not only aimed at athletes but for once would be great for normal people working in office environments. Many healthy products are high in fruit sugars and actually aimed at being consumed during sports rather than during calmer periods. All our products are low in sugar and carbs which are suitable for people who are on gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, paleo and ketogenic diets.

The idea of developing healthy low sugar, low carb snacks came from exactly the same problem: working long hours tied to an office desk with a sugar snack vending machine next door… With our snack bars it is easy to replace a sugary snack with a healthier and great tasting low sugar one.

What's so outstanding about Adonis bars?

After a year and a half of developing recipes for low sugar nut bars, we have finally created the best possible product for you in two flavours: Pecan – Goji Berry – Cocoa , a rich mixture of flavours with a hint of chocolate and Vanilla – Acai Berry – Coconut, slightly crunchy with a light, tropical touch.

Our nut bars have the following characteristics:

  • 100% natural
  • Only 2g naturally occurring sugar
  • Only 2g impact carbs
  • Free from: gluten, dairy, soy, palm oil and GMOs
  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • High in fibre

With being based on natural ingredients and low sugar at the same time, these bars are currently unique in the UK. We also just won in the snack bar category at the Free From Awards 2017 and received Gold.

We think low sugar diets should not be a trend but should change lives of people for the better without them missing out on anything. We do not believe reducing sugar intake means there must be a compromise on taste.

Why should you support us?

Please help us and support our vision of making natural and delicious snacks that are convenient for everyone. Joining the Tesco BackIt platform is an incredible opportunity for us as a small business to prove that there is a demand for this kind of snack.


Have a look at the great rewards we put together for you on the right hand side!

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1 month, 3 weeks ago

We officially made our target as of today and just wanted to say thanks a lot for helping make it happen! The bars & brownies will be sent out on Monday and for the other rewards, we will keep you in touch. Have a cracking weekend!

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4 May 2017

Love the product! Good luck! :)

2 May 2017
Mirjam Schmidlin

Good luck guys ! Can't wait to see them stocked on more shelves - you've have me addicted since I first tried them at the NOPE event !!!

28 Apr 2017
Daniel Alton

Love the brownies you guys make, best of luck with this campaign!

26 Apr 2017
Dave Brown

A brilliant tasting product guys with massive health benefit appeal. Awesome identity and impactful pack design. You deserve to do well and heres wishing you every success! Dave.

24 Apr 2017
Emma Serveld

Adonis bars taste amazing and are healthy. Great product better thsn naked bars

11 Apr 2017
Philipp Muellauer

This is a great tasting product! It leaves every other snack bar on the market in the dust.

7 Apr 2017

Great product!

7 Apr 2017
Laszlo Kovacs

Excellent taste and a great way to keep in shape! A health bar evidently superior to any alternative in its category on the market! Good luck reaching the target!

7 Apr 2017
Sarah Hilleary

Best wishes Ingo!!! Sarah x