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This project received pledges on Fri 13 Jan 2017




pledged of £5,000



Angus & Oink, raising HELL for Mexico 

Help us bring authentic and additive free sauces to the nation with our exciting range of hot sauces especially made for you!

Angus & Oink is raising £5000 to boost production capabilities of our super sauce and also to bring a new Mexican product to market allowing us to take the authentic flavours inspired by the Southern US & South America to a wider audience and please mouths along the way.

What is Angus & Oink all about...?

After a rip-roaring adventure around South America and the Southern US over four years, coming home to bland food just wasn't for us. Angus & Oink is a company devoted to BBQ from the Southern States & South America. Fire, Smoke, Food and Fiesta bring the world to life. Angus & Oink represents a passion for real BBQ products and authenticity.

Our Mission is Flavour. To bring the life of food into the lives of others. 

“Rub ME, Smoke ME, Sauce ME, Eat ME”

Angus & Oink began in 2014 after Malissa and Scott Fraser began to develop their own products back in the UK. Cooking has been a passion, especially grilling, soul food and wood fired BBQ.

Discovering sauces and grilled meat combinations changed their culinary outlook, and they hope to bring these taste sensations to the UK market where they just weren’t available.

“From Mexico to Argentina and Brazil to Trinidad we found bbq and hot sauces that blew us away with great natural flavours and ingredients. One thing we learned was that the people who live there know how cook! The best sauces, the ones you remember are from real sources, natural ingredients, bold flavours, made to go with food. We reflect our experiences in our products.”

It’s important to Angus & Oink to bring this back to the UK and make sauces that relate the ways of eating and recipes from their experiences of that continent. “It’s essential to us not to use additives and we do not negotiate with e-numbers in our sauces!”

The impact of gaining this funding will allow Angus & Oink to deliver an authentic flavour upgrade to your table. Sauce like no other. "Our ethos is all about good cooking with great ingredients and a spicy or bbq twist. Angus & Oink eat what we preach."

What's up at Angus & Oink..?

      We hope to grow Angus & Oink and develop a range of sauces and seasonings that reflect authentic flavours and recipes from the homes of BBQ the world over, but we’ll start in the Southern Americas! We’ll grow our real food and drink range and deliver on our promise of natural flavour and colour with a kick!

      “Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat Me” as we say!

      Within 2 years, we have developed our products and started selling them to a range of 25 outlets around our area of NE Scotland. We’re now looking to take the brand nationally and indeed internationally. Our Voodoo Mango sauce won a Great Taste Award 2016 and great reviews from chefs and bloggers continue.

      Its time you tasted our sauce!

      The part you can play to help us!

      We’ll use our funding target to help us upscale production so we can make more tasty sauce and get it to you!

      If we raise way more than our target we’ll use the funds to get our own facility, because working from home has its limitations!

      Here's a breakdown of how we would use the funding:

      • Production costs for three types of our super tasty sauces: £3300
      • Printing costs (10000 labels): £1000
      • New product development: £200
      • Art work development: £500

      We will give an update every week on our funding project via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and hope you guys support us in bringing some amazing flavours to the tables of the UK!


      We are offering some amazingly tasty sauces that are developed from experiences in Mexico, Trinidad and Louisiana! We’re able to give you our passion in a bottle in return for a small contribution. In addition, we have some rather nifty products that we can add to the mix and give you some serious reward credit!


      What can you do with your sauces?

      Once you get the bottle in the privacy of your own home, the choice is yours! We have some awesome recipes on our web site and continuously work with great bloggers to produce more tasty treats all the time from bbq and southern American inspiration.

      Our sauces are great on the side, in a sandwich, over nachos or to perk up the usual dinner time! Cook, dip, marinade or as we say... "Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat ME!"

      Where to find our pages of awesomeness!

      We will be posting updates on our social media pages so make sure you follow us to find out how we're doing with this crowd funder and what we are up to with cooking and fabulous recipes.

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          Webpage –

          We’d be stoked to hear from you directly if you have any questions or just want to talk BBQ. Email us at

          Help us get to your mealtimes!

          Let us be the sauce on your table, the spice in your taco, the zing in your lunch time wrap! We need your support as much as you need the flavour revolution in between your pita pocket!

          Join us on this epic journey to bring authentic, real good and super tasty sauces to the UK and beyond. Experience the salivation! Live with us in your fridge and get up in the morning to have eggs with us!

          We understand if you can’t contribute financially to help the road ahead but please support us by tweeting and sharing our vibe across the airways so we can find our feet.

          Please sponsor us and help make this happen!

          6 months, 2 weeks ago

          !!THIS JUST HAPPENED!! 100% Funded Phat Taco Campaign!!!
          A truly HUGE THANK YOU too all our amazing pledgers who have made this come true! With 35 days still to run we have crossed the border into new territory for A&O. The Sauce will flow!!!
          100% FUNDED - You dancer!!!

          The campaign will keep running and is still open to more pledges and now we know the rewards are sure to come! Phew!

          Thank you all very much for supporting Angus & Oink. We'll try and keep it real, authentic and bold!

          Best wishes and above all Happy Christmas to you and your family,

          Scott, Malissa, Lewis & Marley

          6 months, 3 weeks ago

          We're pretty EXCITED!! Over 80% funded and a month left to run on our quest to bring the flavours of Mexico to your tacos. A big shout out !!THANK YOU!! to all the wonderful pledgers who have taken the time to support the journey. 

          Our own journey started in South America where we discovered some amazing flavours and so many different kinds of BBQ and street food. We'll continue to bring this authenticity back home with all natural ingredients and bold flavours!

          Share the Angus & Oink world with a friend and make sure they get to experience the audacious mouth altering sauces and other products from A&O....

          Big BBQ love!


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          9 Jan 2017
          Benjamin Racey

          Good luck!

          8 Jan 2017
          Jim Barron

          These sauces and rubs are outstanding, we use them all the time. Looking forward to the new sauce! Well done guys!

          5 Jan 2017
          Den Lyon

          All the best Scott and family, Den Lyon.

          11 Dec 2016
          Roger Connon

          great campaign

          9 Dec 2016

          Good luck!

          9 Dec 2016
          John Davidson

          Congratulations!!! Now the hard work starts.

          29 Nov 2016
          Simon Richardson

          Good luck Scott & Malissa, hope you guys smash it. Keep the Q love real from Big Si 👊

          23 Nov 2016
          Chris Tonner

          Fantastic work team A&O Bring on the Phat T

          23 Nov 2016
          Willem Boon Von Ochssee

          Very happy to pledge and support a local business.

          22 Nov 2016
          Dave Rotheroe

          Yearse! Can't wait for the new sauce!

          22 Nov 2016

          Happy to support a fellow Backit campaign and push it to success. As well, I grew up in Trinidad so curious to see how their Trinidadian style sauce measures up!!

          21 Nov 2016
          Derek Miller

          Nice one Scott, looking forward to it.

          19 Nov 2016
          Paul Slater

          Fantastic, unique and genuine products by fantastic, unique and genuine people!

          18 Nov 2016
          Wil Aitken

          All the best with this !

          18 Nov 2016
          Ian Gove

          Best of luck folks! Wil (Aitken) put me in touch with this! Lets bring Hot sauce to the north east!

          16 Nov 2016
          Gregor Watson

          Hi Scott, good luck with this. I owe you a phone call. Have just been a wee bit snowed under! Cheers GW

          16 Nov 2016
          Michelle Rolfe

          Good luck guys! Fingers are crossed this works out for you! Cheers, Michelle

          14 Nov 2016
          Sam Evans

          Good luck guys. We believe in you and your products. Can't wait to receive our sauces too (almost out of Voodoo Mango - panic will ensue at Hang Fire Towers!)

          14 Nov 2016
          John Imray

          Tried all your sauces in the now defunct Cue restaurant in Aberdeen. I was about to order your sauces from your website then saw this campaign and thought I'd spend my money backing this great product. I've even pre-registered for info on your beer and can't wait until it comes out. Keep up the tasty work!

          13 Nov 2016
          Scott Chisholm

          Fantastic products and feel privileged to assist a Scottish company. We wish you all the best for the future.

          12 Nov 2016
          Sue Roberts

          Best Wishes for this!!!

          11 Nov 2016
          Mark Popkiewicz

          Good luck, I have every faith in you and your products, you deserve this. Best wishes Mark P

          11 Nov 2016
          Adam Maslanka

          Pledged. Good luck!