B-Tempted - delicious gluten free cakes!

B-Tempted - delicious gluten free cakes!

by B-Tempted Gluten Free

East London

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Today B-Tempted cakes are loved by some very special people who have helped me to put them in some glorious London stores. The next step is to grow the bakery so that I can supply more shops, with more cakes. Why shouldn’t you be able to buy independent, local food from a place such as Tesco? For this I need your support. By raising money for our new cake machine, we will be able to bring delicious, gluten-free treats to you, wherever you are. Any support you are able to give would be most appreciated. Thanks a million! Sarah 

Who Are We?

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting my campaign page. I’m Sarah, the founder of B-Tempted gluten free bakery. I started from my home kitchen, and created an amazing range of cakes and brownies that attracted the likes of Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason. I’ve won various industry awards over the years, both for my cakes and also for my entrepreneurial achievements.

My business has steadily grown and there have been some truly amazing moments. These include being invited to No.10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister, as well as receiving an invitation to Sir Richard Branson’s Oxfordshire estate. Although, probably my favourite moment so far was being asked to supply a member of the British Royal Family for an event at St James’s Palace. I think it was at that moment I realised that my cakes really do taste amazing - that if they’re fit for Royalty, that I’ve created something special.

Gluten Free seems to have become a lifestyle choice for many recently... reducing the amount of gluten and wheat to reduce the strain on the digestive system. But there are also many people who cannot eat gluten for medical reasons such as Coeliac disease, and so it’s important that this is produced in a manufacturing site with stringent technical standards. 

It's a growing area and so earlier this year- armed with courage and copious amounts of support from friends and family both here and in Australia - I took a leap of faith and converted a railway arch in East London into a fully dedicated gluten free bakery and small manufacturing site. This was a huge move for me, as not only did I have to fund the equipment, I also took on some team members. Everyone has been amazing and I’m so proud of how far we’ve progressed as a small manufacturing team in a short space of time.

The Next Step

At the moment we are hand piping each cake into individual baking moulds - a very time consuming process as you might see from the video. What the business now needs is a cake machine to make that process faster and more efficient, so that we can then focus our time and energy on baking more cakes, as well as developing new products and new flavours - such as low sugar, savoury and vegan options. The machine I’m looking to purchase will cost around £15,000. There are also additional expenses, such as tooling costs to suit the size and shape of our cakes - c£2k, as well as additional trolleys, trays and moulds. 

Why are we crowdfunding?

You may wonder why we’re not going to a bank. While this is a small business, it’s been quite difficult to gain funding through traditional sources such as business bank loans in the current economic climate. And so when we were presented with this fantastic opportunity to be a launch brand on the Tesco BackIt platform, I fully embraced it. If we raise our target, we’ll be placed onto a support and mentoring programme which would be valuable in allowing us to gain an insight into what it takes to start supplying a large retailer such as Tesco. Whether or not we gain a listing is a different story - there are so many variables, including a proven demand for the product in a supermarket. But being put onto the programme is a first step and would be an incredible opportunity for our growing brand. 

We need your support!

The funds raised will go towards the cake machine. If we go into overfunding, there are so many things that we can do with the additional funds raised - such as opening a retail shop front (which is the next dream!). But first we’d love to kick off our expansion dream by achieving our fundraising target to help us purchase the machine and being put onto the support and mentoring programme. With Christmas just around the corner, why not consider getting your loved ones a unique gluten free cake, baked with love? Please help us to succeed by sharing this campaign with your friends and loved ones, as every little really does help!


We’re offering some incredible rewards for every single pledge. Please click on the Rewards section for more information. As many entrepreneurs will tell you - it’s all about the journey. I’d love you to be part of it. Please click the link to Pledge and claim some of our delicious cakes as your reward.

Now with some limited edition rewards including:

Join Us and Share Us

Social : @BTemptedHQ


You can also support us by sharing the news of our campaign on social media and with your networks. Please spread the word about us and tell your friends and close ones we need their support to succeed too. We really appreciate it and we hope you enjoy our delicious products as a reward.

Thank you so much for reading.

Sending lots of cake love your way,


Founder & Chief Temptation Officer



7 months, 3 weeks ago

And we are FUNDED!!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has pledged in the last few days.

You have not only brought us over the line, you have helped us exceed by over 12%!!

On 1 Nov, I was in Cologne, Germany when I received an email saying "You have received a new pledge"... I opened it and it was the pledge that brought us to 100% FUNDED. Such a generous pledge - thank you! I immediately went downstairs and ordered a glass of champagne at the hotel bar. And the following day we received another generous pledge! So thankful to everyone who has pledged their support throughout the campaign. We have now secured a place on the support & mentoring programme with Tesco.

There is just over 2 days left remaining on our campaign, so if you or your friends have been intending to pledge but just haven't gotten around to it, here's the nudge to do it. Everyone's busy, we know! 

To everyone who has pledged £250 and above: please start thinking about your special flavour.... 

Sarah xx

8 months, 1 week ago

Enjoying ourselves drumming up support at Tesco Woodford Green today

In-store sampling at Tesco Woodford Green

Whoops, wrong link... here it is: https://www.facebook.com/BTemptedHQ/

8 months, 1 week ago

11 days to go and we are so thrilled to be over the half way mark! We are 52% funded. 

We have exciting in-store samplings lined up for the home stretch of our campaign:

FRIDAY 21 October: In-store sampling at Tesco Woodford Green, on Southend Road. 

SATURDAY 22 October: In-store sampling at Tesco Henley-On-Thames

Sarah x

9 months ago

We're at 40% funded - THANK YOU!!! 

Dear Backers, thank you so so much for getting us to the 40% funded mark! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed our video and our rewards appealed to you. From our very first pledger (not sure I'm allowed to name any names) to our most recent, and everyone in between- a huge THANK YOU. We still have a fair way to go to reach our target, and I'm so incredibly thankful for your support thus far! I'm welcoming any ideas and feedback regarding our campaign, so don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any suggestions.

Today we're baking brownies in the bakery experimenting flavours for the B-Tempted BackIt brownie - shortlisted so far are Salted Caramel; and Mint flavours. We've also baked a special "No Added Sugar" brownie, which is piquing interest in certain circles!

Please continue to share our campaign with your friends, family and colleagues! You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook --> @BTemptedHQ 

Finally, I'm sharing a selfie of the day I collected the keys to the new bakery-- this was 6 months ago and we've been baking intensively since mid-May -- it's nice to be able to reflect --- and I'm so proud of how far we have come in a short space of time. We really have an amazing small team and now our team of backers includes you! So thank you once again. I'm looking forward to us growing so that we can bake so many more cakes and brownies and get them all over the UK and beyond. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Many thanks!

Sarah, Founder & Chief Temptation Officer xx

#TeamCAKE #littlemoments 

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7 Nov 2016
Lina Kambaraite

These Little Bites are destinned for big things!!! Delicious!!! Best of luck B-tempted!

7 Nov 2016

Got in just in time and thrilled to be part of the journey! Good luck Sarah & all at B-Tempted!

4 Nov 2016
Tom Roberts

Sarah, can you tell me how I can invest properly in your business (i.e. equity in it) please? Alex said there might be an opportunity to do so at some juncture. Thanks Tom

1 Nov 2016
Adrian Gosden

wonderful product. I wish you every success. Go get 'em. Adrian.

31 Oct 2016
Ronil Bavishi

Great product, deserves wider distribution.

26 Oct 2016
Mark Van Lonkhuyzen

I came across B-Tempted at the Fleet street Tescos and was impressed with the campaign . . As a celiac I am deligted to see somebody producing a gluten free product. I always struggle to find gluten free quality convenient foods .....

26 Oct 2016
Jen Milton

Great tasting cakes!

26 Oct 2016
Maria Rebate

Different from any other I've tried before in the UK. Coming for Spain where the offer is broad is nice to find this kind of products!

26 Oct 2016
Greg Boutle


26 Oct 2016
Mark Motion

bought product ; would be great to see much wider distribution

26 Oct 2016
Jeremy Wauters

met in store in Chiswell St... really tasty product. good luck!!

26 Oct 2016
Giles Wadman

I just love Coeliacs!

26 Oct 2016
Billal Ismail

Tried the product in a Tesco store, and was intrigued given my sister is a coeliac. Delicious - no compromise on flavour, which I had feared would be the case. Good luck!

26 Oct 2016
Sebastian Lyle

I love this idea and concept, with positive health benefits of gluten free products. More please!

20 Oct 2016

I was sick of 'free from' stuff with millions of ingredients i can't pronounce - these are super tasty and natural too :)

20 Oct 2016

Delicious, more please?!

20 Oct 2016

Given some by a colleague who knows I struggle to find tasty free from options - very impressed!

20 Oct 2016

Love these, hate that I have to trek so far to find them - glad to see Tesco is still championing free from for those of us who can't buy everything at WholeFoods!

7 Oct 2016
Nadia El Hadery

Love these cakes - Nadia

29 Sep 2016
Janice Wilks

interested to see how this company does.

27 Sep 2016
Ron Smith

A great business and healthy products & we know she can make a strong Presence in the market, needed & desired, Be Tempted a sure winner

24 Sep 2016
Mareike Stenzel

Good Luck!!!!

24 Sep 2016
Ivan Gardiner

Good luck with this project, it is sorely needed, so I wish you every success. Besides those cakes looks gorgeous and deserve to be available to lots more people :-)

22 Sep 2016
Cj Bryant

Hope you end up expanding to East Norfolk. Gluten free treats are a must 😊

21 Sep 2016
Paul Henson

Love the cakes and the story behind this. Keep going Sarah, best of luck x

20 Sep 2016
Marc Allison

Simply delicious.

20 Sep 2016
Stephen Blackburn

Love this product, even better considering dietary requirements. tku

20 Sep 2016
Alexander Stewart

It is so hard to find good quality GF treats that are as tasty and self-indulgent as mainstream cakes. Best of luck!

18 Sep 2016
Gordon Hilleary

Daughter Dear Keep up the good work You can do it

17 Sep 2016
Brian Williams

Way to go, Sarah! Looking forward to all the lovely cakes! Brian.

16 Sep 2016
William Moyle

Excellent site and brilliant idea!

15 Sep 2016
Gordon Hilleary

Well done daughter Proud of you

14 Sep 2016
Usman Mohammed

Good Luck

12 Sep 2016

I have a friend who has Coeliac disease, this are amazing for her. Now I can offer something other than ice cream for dessert!!

12 Sep 2016

Good luck B-Tempted, looking forward to my #little moments!

7 Sep 2016
James M

Hope you reach your target as these are great products!

7 Sep 2016
Hannah Lidgate

These look great, hope you get the money you need

7 Sep 2016
Dr Andrew Clark Clark

I'm excited to receive by treats!

6 Sep 2016

I'm backing B-Tempted luxury gluten free. Help Sarah and her amazing, hard working team expand the business and help them grow by getting involved with Tesco Backit at: https://backit.tesco.com/p/b-tempted

6 Sep 2016

We think Sarah is a fab entrepreneur and happy to back her project too. Sophia & Hua

5 Sep 2016

Very happy to support you in your venture - good luck