Botonique – The Soft Drink For Wine Lovers

Botonique – The Soft Drink For Wine Lovers

by Genius Drinks


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What is Botonique?

Botonique is a new sparkling soft drink made using botanical extracts and rich in nutrients. It was created by myself, a wine merchant, to give the kind of crisp dry refreshment, complex flavours and long finish you normally only get from a good wine or other alcoholic drink. It isn’t wine though – no grapes and no alcohol. The taste is completely unique, reminiscent of dry white wine or Prosecco with hints of gin, Pimms and vermouth.

Botonique is food-friendly, makes a great aperitif, and can form the basis of many great mocktails, so it’s perfect for when you are avoiding alcohol.


It can also help you just cut back, as it makes a delicious wine spritzer or pacer drink between glasses, and can mix superbly with a whole host of spirits too, making a little alcohol go a long way. For me, the best thing is that once I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, I can happily switch to Botonique and continue to get the same kind of satisfaction.

“The Champagne of Health Drinks”

As well as helping you drink less alcohol without loss of pleasure, the product is enhanced with botanicals such as ginseng and milk thistle seed, plus the Prelixir® nutrients – a special blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Botonique contains just 14 calories per 100ml, one sixth the calories of wine, and 2.1g total carbs, so it’s great for diabetics too. The touch of sweetness comes from a little pear juice. It contains: 

  • No added sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial favours
  • No artificial preservatives

Our ambition

Our first drink is Botonique Crisp Dry White, described above. Next we want to bring out a Rosé version, then a robust red, then a full oaked white and a lighter red, so that between them most food situations can be covered, without alcohol. And of course we want to sell globally. Everything including the bottle is made in Britain (though some spices and vitamins have to be imported), and we want to become a great British export success story.

Why we need your help

But first we need to sell lots of Botonique Crisp Dry White, and to do that we need money, including:

  • £1,000 for tailored and branded protective outer boxes, as at present too many bottles are getting broken in transit.
  • £1,000 to get the lovely sleeves applied to more bottles

If we go into over-funding, we would use the money:

  • £2,000 - a YouTube Channel, with informative videos
  • £2,000  - a recipe booklet
  • £4,000 - a small liveried van for events and local deliveries (2nd hand)
  • £10,000 - consumer & trade events
  • £10,000 – sales support
  • £40,000 – a Rosé version


Your rewards will come in varying combinations of personalised thank you’s, including engraved Champagne glasses, gift boxes and bags, party and tasting experiences, and of course Botonique itself.

Rewards will be delivered in good time for Christmas by UKMail to any mainland UK address excluding the Highlands. You can re-schedule deliveries to suit you. Other addresses cost extra – please ask.

So please make a pledge and pick your reward, to make your or someone else's Christmas that much better!

More information

Please check out our social media pages and our website, packed with information:

7 months, 3 weeks ago

To all our lovely backers – greetings and thanks!

The campaign for Botonique has just ended, comfortably over target, so we are looking forward to sending you your rewards. We don’t have the 6-bottle box yet, and the Champagne flutes need to be engraved, but one thing we can deliver promptly is that personalised thank you. So do please email us at to tell us how you would like to receive yours – options below. Your email address will also enable UKMail to notify you when your real rewards are to be delivered.

Recipes & serving suggestions

We would also like to email you recipes and serving suggestions to enhance your enjoyment of Botonique. Do please let us know if you’d rather we did not. And we would like to send you the very occasional newsletter with special offers, stockist information etc. Again please let us know if you’d rather we didn’t. 

Thank you comes in many forms

Your personalised thank you can be delivered in any of these ways: 

  • ·         A card in the post
  • ·         A card sent with your other goods
  • ·         An email
  • ·         A blog post or Facebook post mention
  • ·         A personalised Tweet

Use of your funds

Thank you so much for your support, which has enabled us to commission some beautiful branded protective boxes, and to get more bottles sleeved, so protecting the nutrients from light (as well as making the bottle look great). 

Lovely comments

And a big thank you to all of you who left lovely comments about Botonique. If you are new to Botonique, I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it clearly gives to these people, and to me, along with all that goodness.


Please remember to email so we can send your thank you and serving suggestions.

All the best


8 months, 1 week ago

A great many thanks to all who have pledged and helped us to reach our first target in less than 13 days!

Please keep helping us spread the word, in whatever way comes naturally to you. We now hope to raise another £2,000, with which we can either print the Botonique Book of Mocktails and Cocktails* (*low alcohol), or create a series of informational videos. If we get to £6,000 in total, we can do both! And of course BackIt is also helping us make more people aware of Botonique as an alternative to alcohol, which can only be a good thing.

To make it easy to help, we’ve created a Thunderclap campaign to “save the nation’s liver” one sip at a time: 

So please link through and register your support. No  money needed, but we need 100 registered supporters by 3rd November (11 days time) to create a “Thunderclap” of social media awareness 4 days before this BackIt campaign closes. 

We’ve never done a crowd-funding or Thunderclap campaign before, but it does seem like a great way to spread the word for new little businesses!

Thank you once again for your support


8 months, 3 weeks ago

Well after a one-week scramble to get our campaign and video together (thanks to the wonderful people at DanDan Digital) it went live on Friday evening 7th October. We sent out an email on Saturday morning telling people who we know are already fans, and by Sunday evening we were over half way to our threshold! 

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped. It's a great feeling!

It's an amazing unique product, so I'm not surprised it has been so well supported. Onwards and upwards!

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20 Oct 2016
Nicky Douglas

I love botonique - it is a really unique proposition. A non alcoholic drink that rewards that is dry, complex and not too sweet and is good for you. It is refreshingly fizzy and tastes great with food. A real tonic if you don't want to drink alchohol or feel you have had enough. I hope it succeeds.

17 Oct 2016
Ian Morrison

As a wine drinker of many years standing - and indeed, devotion - being told by those miserable curmudgeons of the medical profession that wine was no longer to be a feature at the end of my daily toils, I wondered what a life based on that remarkable taste sensation, water, was going to be like. At which point Botonique came into my life. I immediately noticed a number of things. For a start, it was a non-alcoholic drink that hadn't been drowned in a year's sugar supply by the manufacturers. Second, it had great depth and length of flavour, giving it the kind of sophistication wine drinkers are used to - not a quality in any other non-alcoholic drink I've ever tasted. Third, a swift reading of the label revealed that it’s very high in nutrients while remaining low in carbohydrates. Now, that's a pair of properties not to be ignored by any health-conscious person with ambitions to live past fifty. I have a feeling that something is coming to the market that is actually going to have some plus points to it.

14 Oct 2016
Richard Scotney

Good luck Hill's. R x

13 Oct 2016
James M

Hope you're successful as looking forward to trying this product!

11 Oct 2016
Shaw Tsen

Amazing product! Love the drink and the taste, not to mention the rich beneficial goodness and nutrients in Botonique.

9 Oct 2016
Paddy Willis

Finally a drink with no alcohol that tastes sophisticated and complex - and isn't sweet! I've been serving to friends at dinner and the majority love it from the first glass, for others it may take a second glass to fall in love with it as it is so different to anything currently out there. Good luck with the campaign!

8 Oct 2016
Heather Stevenson

It's a fantastic, sophisticated drink. Hope the funding exceeds expectations!

8 Oct 2016

A friend recommended Botonique to me at the beginning of July. I enjoy dry white wines and Prosecco and have always struggled to find soft drinks that are not too sweet for my taste. There really aren't enough dry yet delicious 'grown up' alcohol-free drinks on the market so I was genuinely thrilled to discover Botonique. I absolutely love the stuff, and have placed several orders over the last few months to keep stocked up. Wonderful hit of aroma and flavour, and refreshing too. Fantastic product unlike anything else I have tried; it really does deserve support (and selfishly, I would love to see the brand develop and become more widely available- a rose version sounds exciting!).

8 Oct 2016
David White

Good luck with your campaign

7 Oct 2016
Robert Ward

Looking forward to thisgoing live... ;-)