Brain Füd - A natural refreshing energy drink!

Brain Füd - A natural refreshing energy drink!

by Brain Füd


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Welcome to Brain Füd!

We are raising £3000 to help fund our first production run, to bring Brain Füd to life!  Brain Füd is (probably) the world’s most intelligent drink and we are on a mission to revolutionise the energy drinks space!! Join us on the journey!!

What is Brain Füd...

The Problem:

Consider a busy professional or student who is struggling from a mid-afternoon energy slump.

Often options for them are limited to sugar filled energy drinks with labels they don’t understand.

Can you name a widely available natural & refreshing energy drink you can pick up on the go to serve as a great afternoon "pick me up"? Neither could we…

Our Solution:

  1. Brain Füd offers a natural & refreshing alternative to conventional energy drinks.
  2. Each bottle contains 7 added vitamins & minerals: 25% RI (Reference Intake) of Vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12, D & Magnesium and Zinc.
  3. These vitamins contribute to reduction of tiredness & fatigue as well as normal brain & muscle function.
  4. Each 500ml bottle contains a natural and sustained energy boost from guarana (equivalent to an Americano coffee).
  5. Brain Füd contains no added sugars. Only 1g of naturally occurring sugars per 100ml vs Red Bull 11g Sugar per 100ml.
  6. Brain Füd is low in calories (25kcal per 500ml bottle)
  7. As well a no added sugar Brain Füd contains no preservatives or artificial flavours – that’s right zip, nada, zilch, diddly squat!

Meet our drinks:

Berry Clever

With the smoothness of creamy coconut and the freshness of summer berries, Berry Clever has it all! This is for you movers and shakers who work hard and play harder.

Smart Citrus Deliciously sharp with cool and refreshing mint notes, Smart Citrus is miles ahead of the competition! Try it before or after a workout.

Fresh Thinking

A genius juxtaposition of sweet pineapple and fiery ginger, Fresh Thinking is as fierce as you are! Keep a bottle close by to fuel your creativity leaving you free to express yourself, naturally.

How did Brain Füd Come About

Philip is an LSE graduate with charity, social enterprise and commercial start- up experience! He created the concept for Brain Füd after struggling with chronic fatigue for many years due to hereditary blood disorder, Sickle Cell. Baffled by the lack of readily available alternatives to the sugar-filled energy drinks, he started making his own energy blends in a Nutri-Bullet he got for Christmas. After getting a positive response, Philip had the idea for Brain Füd and has built a team to share it with other people needing a #healthyenergy alternative! NB. Image courtesy of the Sickle Cell Society.

Help US to make Brain Füd a reality!

Brain Füd is the only natural energy drink that feeds your mind! Please support our vision to shake up the energy drinks sector!

Your support on Tesco BackIt is an incredible opportunity for us as a small business to prove that you need Brain Füd as much as we do!


Have a look at the great rewards we put together for you on the right hand side!






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20 Jun 2017
Andy Ayim

Awesome product, great taste, feedback in the video speaks for itself.

12 Jun 2017
Dema Wonga

Looks and sound like a great drink. Can't wait to taste it.

26 May 2017
Kerry Reid

Great idea would love to see it launched in supermarkets. Good luck . Ps I'm Courteney's Grandma .

26 May 2017
Courteney Noonan

110% believe in this team and their products!

20 May 2017
Ramon Williams

Great product design and concept. :) All the best going forward, I can see this being really popular👍👍 Ramon W

20 May 2017
Vegan Bear

Looking forward to trying this product