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Why Back ChicP?

Everybody loves hummus! While supporting our British farmers and using surplus (wonky, ugly, you name it) raw vegetables and fruit, we are creating delicious, fresh and unique flavours of memorable hummus, perfect for any occasion.

The vegetables we use are rejected by supermarkets and their warehouses, often from suppliers at markets have taken these on and sometimes have too much that they can’t sell or are just simply ‘Class two’ because the beetroot are too large or the herbs have grown too long.  By purchasing a pot of ChicP, you are helping to reduce the amount of vegetable waste… 40% of fruit and vegetables are discarded because of their shape or size.

Perfect with a meal; beetroot hummus with fish or herby hummus mixed with wholemeal pasta - great combinations! Cocoa and banana hummus as an icing on banana cake….

Our hummus is also a perfect pre-meal snack or simply dip in a spoon (or finger!) and enjoy. It tastes delicious and fresh!

We are also featured on ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’. Education, eating healthily and sustainably are a key part of the ChicP ethos.

With your help, reaching our crowdfunding target would enable us to:

●      Market our products when they’re on the shelf… in order to keep them on there!

●      Bring a colleague on board (it’s just me at the moment) to help with sales, marketing, events and so much more.

●      Help fund shelf life tests as well as research & development to help ChicP get a longer but natural shelf life.

●      Help us reach out to farms across the country to get all the surplus we can get our hands on.

●      Buy a van and customise it to get ChicP on the road for festivals, pop ups and events. We also aim to target the workplace and educational establishments.

By pledging to the campaign, you can help us to make ChicP become nationwide; this will also enable us to source an increasing supply of surplus vegetables which will directly aid British farmers. The result will mean you can dip and dunk guilt free any time you like!

Even if you can’t pledge, please support our campaign by sharing and spreading the word for us.

The inspiration behind ChicP

My passion to change attitudes to the way we approach cooking and waste... a chef turned entrepreneur.

Food waste is part of modern life, but it need not be this way. ChicP’s ethos is to be part of the drive to encourage people to think differently about the way they eat.

Over the last seven years, I’ve cooked for families in the UK and all over Europe, predominantly as a private chef. I would often convert leftover Middle-Eastern inspired salads into dips for the next meal. Every day the question would be “what’s the dip of the day Hannah”?!

While working for catering & events companies, I would witness the colossal volumes of food wasted. This combined with my love for healthy, fresh food, using local ingredients and creating new dishes from the food we already have in our homes, gave me the clear vision for ChicP.

Where we are currently

We’ve made a great start with stockists but still have a long way to go and this is where you can help. Please support our campaign and join us on the ChicP journey!

Risks and challenges

Our hummus is a chilled product so it’s not always easy (or cheap) to post products! This is why we have decided only to post products to those that pledge higher amounts. We will do our best to make sure that they arrive chilled and still looking good :)

One of our challenges is extending the shelf life naturally. We are keen to use HPP ( ) and with your help, this will enable us to do all the testing we need.


We have a great selection of rewards for you to choose from, including lots of lovely hummus pots! There is also a special limited availability reward too for a select few of you who support our campaign at the beginning.

Find us

You can find us and keep up-to-date with all our exciting news from our website or through:




Please support our campaign by making a pledge and help us spread hummus nationwide :)

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15 Jan 2017
Sarah Hilleary

Best wishes on hitting your target! Sarah

14 Jan 2017
Georgie Kerridge

No waste great taste- brilliant idea!

6 Jan 2017

All the best to the ChicP team from Tg green tea (an earlier Tesco Backit success). We will share your campaign with our social networks too.

6 Jan 2017
Camilla Cookson


2 Dec 2016
Tina Christou

Hi, looking forward to seeing you achieve your target for ChicP.

1 Dec 2016

Love the product - Tesco should stock it!

17 Nov 2016

Good luck!

11 Nov 2016
Rachel Finn

Well done Hannah - great to see ChicP on BackIt.