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We are raising £8,000 to allow us to produce our amazing range of first to market ‘Souper’ Cho Gazpacho drinks in new, more accessible formats for school lunchboxes, vending machines and other very important food service outlets where good for you snack options are desperately needed. Given the levels of obesity, type 2 diabetes and child dental health are rising at alarming rates, we believe it’s time to stop the exclusivity of sweet drinks by offering a savoury alternative.

Time for a change? Time for a Cho!

The 3 Amigos! 

The Cho–Founders are 3 passionate foodie entrepreneurs Adam Baker, Karen Baker and Dave Brown, who have combined forces to champion a real change in on-the-go drinks and snacks by creating a new sector in the UK for less sweet (savoury) drinks.

Let the Gazpacho R(e)volution begin!

Cho is short for Gazpacho, the deliciously tasty, all natural soup from southern Spain that has been acclaimed as a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet for hundreds of years. We have developed the humble Gazpacho into longer, smoother and easy to enjoy recipes. Each is a fresh combination of whole fruits & vegetables, blended with pure mineral water and a boost of the finest Extra virgin olive oil. Our 3 delicious recipes are Clasico (Tomatoes & mixed Peppers), Beetroot & Apple and Tomato & Strawberry. All 3 varieties, serve a real 2 of your 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables, and are wrapped up in a handy ready to enjoy on-the-go 250ml bottle.

Yes, we’ve attempted to bottle the Mediterranean diet!

These are the benefits of Cho:

  • We want to bring a tasty, savoury choice to everyone, young and old, to the snacks and drinks market.
  • Veggies, fruit and finest olive oil are the building blocks of the much acclaimed Mediterranean diet and only these ingredients feature in our unique Cho recipes.
  • There are far too many, sugar-rich drinks out there, in the midst of a growing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic.
  • Your pledges will really make a difference in helping us bring our products to kids in schools and greatly extend the shelf life of our product. Our dream is to educate everyone that there is a delicious, everyday savoury choice out there.

A ‘souper’ future & what we’ve achieved

  • We want to put a Cho Drinking Gazpacho within arm’s reach of everyone, young and old and promote the benefits that our ‘salad in a bottle’ can bring. We’ve re-invented traditional gazpacho from Spain into a ‘souper’ tasty, easy to enjoy on-the-go drinking snack, that’s for everyone, every day.
  • We do like to ‘blend the rules’!
  • So far, we have growing distribution into independent retailers like Farm Shops, Delis & Café bars and our own online sales are growing in the UK. Our range is authentically made in Andalucia in Spain and is also popular in Continental Europe, where Drinking Gazpacho is not so unusual. We now need to reach everyone in the UK to extend this enjoyment, with the help of a Household Grocery partner like Tesco.

Here’s why we need your pledges

  • Producing new packaging formats is a costly investment, but a necessary one if we are to innovate and grow our vision to reach more consumers and at the same extend our shelf life (music to the retailers’ ears!). Our current glass bottle is not popular everywhere unfortunately, despite its wonderfully environmentally friendly and recyclability properties.
  • If we find ourselves in the privileged position of being overfunded, then we will use the additional funds to develop much needed point of sale materials, media advertising which helps to support the brand in the retail stores and instore sampling activity.
  • We will give weekly updates on our funding progress through Tesco Backit, together with our active social media campaigns and activity which run daily on twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of how we will use the investment:

  • Pack design & artwork costs: £4000
  • Set up costs for Tetrapak Prisma print production and packing in Spain: £3500
  • Additional secondary packaging materials: £500


We’re awarded you get rewarded:

Cho Gazpacho won Gold at the Innovation Challenge at LUNCH 2013, Caffé culture show best drink 2014 and 2 Great Taste Awards 2015/16.

We have a fabulous range of Cho related rewards and merchandise in store to share. All based around our love of the wonderful Mediterranean diet.

We will create special gift pack rewards for all pledges:

Follow us - it's worth it!

  • Our twitter handle is: @chogazpacho
  • Our Facebook link is facebook.com/chogazpacho
  • On Instagram take a peek using @peepcho

We’d love starting conversations with you all on social media, sharing all the good stuff that we’re all about! We’re on a mission to make the world ‘Gazpacho shaped’!

 If you want more of a one to one conversation then you can email the 3 amigos directly at:




You can also keep up with what’s going on through our website:


 Help us make a difference!

Together we can make a difference one Cho at a time. We can’t do it without you so every rewarded pledge you make will help move us closer to achieving our ‘souper’ mission!

  • You don't need to give money to help us succeed! Please share this project with anyone you think would support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog.
  • And we know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did! Please sponsor us and help make this happe

Waiting to hear from you!

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14 Feb 2017
Dave Brown

These guys deserve success in the supermarkets. Tesco would be a great partner to show their believe in better for you products.

13 Feb 2017

I am confidently looking forward to being able to purchase CHO from Tesco stores.

13 Feb 2017
Jean Brown

Found this gem of a product and wish we could enjoy it in Canada. Wishing the team at Cho Gazpacho all the best with their future in the UK supermarket. Cho should be accessible to everyone.

13 Feb 2017
Jean Brown

We need more great food low sugar products to enjoy from the supermarkets.

12 Feb 2017
Jeff Brown

Great new product innovation that tastes great and does you good.

4 Feb 2017
Anne Dixey

Great drink - super healthy and tasty!

27 Jan 2017
Greg Saunders

I would love to swim in Cho...but didn't see that as an option in the pledge prizes?

18 Jan 2017
Claire Walton


4 Jan 2017

Sounds fab, good luck. PS Constructive comment I hope but think you might have got more £10 pledges if something small (single sample bottle?) was offered.

29 Dec 2016
Kate Wilson

Good luck to all at Cho!

22 Dec 2016
Gary Cooke

Good luck ¡Cho!

17 Dec 2016
King Paul

best wishes

17 Dec 2016
Dom Auton

Good luck CHO team