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Fries Guys Loaded Fries Sauces

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Who are we? 

We are Fries Guys and we have been serving our Fully Loaded Fries at major music festivals and events across the UK for the past three years.

Everywhere we go people go crazy for our flavours and our customers have repeatedly cried out for our sauces to be bottled. So we bottled them!

We want to see our range of Loaded Fries Sauces on supermarket shelves very soon but we’ve got a vision which goes way beyond that. We need your help to turn our dream into reality and turn Fries Guys into a household name.

Having just been manufactured professionally for the first time, Fries Guys sauces are not yet available to buy anywhere. So by supporting our campaign you will be one of the privileged few who gets our bottled sauces first, before anyone else!

We want to raise £2,500 to package two of our sauces together as our first Loaded Fries Kit.

Our unique Peanut Butter Mustard and our Sweet Chilli Sauce will be sold as a combo to make our famous Peanut Butter Jelly Fries.

What are Loaded Fries all about? 

Who doesn’t love fries?? Fried potatoes are a staple of the British diet but with our concept of Loaded Fries, covering them with our amazing signature sauces, we transform the humble fry into a taste sensation.

At numerous festivals our fries, topped with our own original sauces, grated cheese and freshly prepared toppings have proved to be hugely popular. One of the highlights of the year for us was trading at Reading Festival 2016, where we went down a storm!

So far we’ve bottled our Animal Sauce - an awesome pickle and mayo based fries sauce.

It’s always been a firm favourite at events and it was a natural choice for us as one of the first sauces to bottle. Just so you know, no animals are harmed in the making!

We’ve also bottled our unique and exciting Peanut Butter Mustard. There currently isn’t a version of this on the market and it’s been a real game changer for us. Then there’s our Sweet Chilli Sauce, which we’ve made to perfectly complement the Peanut Butter Mustard and together they make our famous Peanut Butter Jelly Fries.

Now we want to bring Loaded Fries into every home, initially with our range of sauces but also with our planned Loaded Fries Kits, Chip Salts and there’s maybe even scope for Fries Guys branded home fries, crisps, books, a chain of restaurants…the possibilities are endless!

We’re hugely passionate about our brand and excited about the potential for our business to grow in a number of diverse ways.

What’s next for Fries Guys? 

The next step is to convert our sauces into Loaded Fries Kits, initially with a bespoke folded cardboard box, used to make the Peanut Butter Mustard and Sweet Chilli Sauce into a combo kit. Just cook some fries, smother them in cheese and load ‘em up with these two amazing Fries Guys sauces and bingo, it’s Peanut Butter Jelly time!!!

Then an Animal Fries Kit will follow. This will come with a bottle of Animal Sauce, two cardboard trays just like the ones we serve Loaded Fries in on our stall, a sachet of rough chopped Jalapeños and a sachet of Crispy Onions to sprinkle on top. This kit will mean you can get your hands on Fully Loaded Fries any time you need them, festival season or not.

Our sauces are versatile too and don’t only work on fries. Animal sauce is also amazing with white fish (try it with Fish and Chips) and Peanut Butter Mustard with pork sausages is so insanely good, it’ll blow your socks off!

How will we use your pledges?

At our target of £2500 we would fund our first Loaded Fries Kit which would consist of a bespoke cardboard carry case so that our Peanut Butter Mustard and Sweet Chilli Sauce could be sold as a twin pack.

We have big plans to keep expanding our concept however, so any and all over-funding would be gratefully received and used wisely:

  • At £4000 we would fund equipment to develop an "Animal Fries Kit". This would come with 2 cardboard serving trays, a bottle of Animal Sauce, a sachet of rough chopped Jalapeños and a sachet of Crispy Onions. This just requires fries and grated cheese to make our delicious loaded "Animal Fries".
  • At £5000 we would also develop a range of Chip Salts. Hugely popular in countries like Australia, they can come in almost any flavour (Bacon, Chicken, Chilli etc). They would add another dimension to our range and give an extra kick to our Loaded Fries Kit.
  • At £6000 we would bottle our own Blue Cheese Mayonnaise and our Hot Chilli Sauce to create our “Angry Fries” Kit. This would consist of the cardboard trays, the two sauces, a portion of crispy bacon pieces and a sachet of grated cheese. This, combined with Fries would make our Buffalo-style “Angry Fries” and would require refrigeration space on supermarket shelves, which will need researching further.
  • At £8000 we would bottle our amazing Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, which together with Goats Cheese makes another superb Loaded Fries offering. We would also develop Fajita Fries (made with fresh chopped Salsa), Funk and Soul Fries (made with Chorizo, Sour Cream, Sweet Chilli and Bacon Rain) and several more, to expand our sauce and home kit range.
  • At £10,000+ we would fund the development of more kits, working further on including refrigerated items. We would also look into possible collaborations with retail chip manufacturers to offer an on-pack discount on Fries Guys products, or investigate the feasibility of producing our own branded frozen home cook fries packets.
  • Anything above £20,000 would be put towards funding our first fully branded 20 foot converted shipping-container service unit. These make a fantastic, solid but portable service area, containing all the equipment needed for producing our Loaded Fries. This could be used at every festival/event we attend and also as a powerful promotional tool for our brand.

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For more about Fries Guys and updates on all our upcoming festivals and dates, see our website:

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Help us to succeed! 

We need as many people as possible to support us to help us reach our goals.

Please tell your friends about our campaign.

If you’re one of our existing followers on social media, please spread the word and if you have already tried our food at festivals, tell all your pals.

Thank you so much for your support, we couldn't do it without you!

Here’s to a tastier future with Fries Guys!!

5 months, 3 weeks ago

Wow! A huge thank you to all the amazing people who have supported our campaign!!!

On New Year's Day we reached 100% of our target and have now had over 100 people backing us, which is truely amazing! 

We're thrilled with the response to our campaign and can't wait to start sending out our pledge rewards. 

We will put your pledges to good use this year in developing our products further and now have the opportunity to expand our range and evolve our concept in line with our vision.

We are hugely grateful for this opportunity to take our brand forward and 

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4 Jan 2017
Jose Enticknap

Fries Guys sauces are the best, having tried them recently i crave for more!!!

4 Jan 2017

Sounds my kinda food - good luck!

2 Jan 2017
Nick Brett

Good luck guys 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

2 Jan 2017
Rachel Mackie

Yay - you made it!! Well done x

1 Jan 2017
Stephen Taylor

good luck

29 Dec 2016
Glen Mutel

Good luck chaps!

22 Dec 2016
Jonathan Dyer

Secret santa

9 Dec 2016
Anne Hayes

Looking forward to receiving my pledging gift. I stated that I heard about your sauce via the Tesco Backit campaign but it was an email from Olio which gave me the link to your crowdfunding page. Good luck.

2 Dec 2016
Keith Forshaw

interesting scheme to help budding entreprenurs

29 Nov 2016
Judith Wilson

Decent fries - what a surprise! Yummy sauce - but of course!

29 Nov 2016
Ashley Nightingale

Good luck Jim. Hope you make your goal. Lv Ash,Amanda, Chloe & Jacob

21 Nov 2016
Rhys Mobsby

I've tried this product before, and it absolutely blew me away. The quality of the sauces are unreal, I can't wait to try them at home!!

18 Nov 2016

Good Luck Fries Guys!

14 Nov 2016
Duncan Pastoors

To the best fries ive ever had, good luck guys!

13 Nov 2016
Paul Venus

Good luck team. Look forward to adding the sauces to our favourites in the near future.

9 Nov 2016

Good luck with your new venture. I wish you the best of luck!

9 Nov 2016
Wendy Standen

looking forward to trying these in the Gallery