Nanaimo Bars 'the original'

Nanaimo Bars 'the original'

by The Maple Food Company


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Completion Date: Mon 14 Nov 2016




pledged of £10,000



Please help our small business get to the next stage of growth by pledging for our awesome rewards! Reaching our goal of £10,000 or more will allow us to:

  • Scale up our production volumes (through expensive equipment such as commercial mixers) so we can offer Nanaimo Bars in a store near you
  • Develop new & exciting flavours for you to enjoy such as 'Maple Pecan' - exclusive to Tesco Backit

Nanaimo Bars (pronounced Na-ny-mo) are three tiered dessert bars, originating from 'Nanaimo', a city on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. 

They are perfect for sharing with family and friends and are absolutely delicious with tea or coffee, ice cream, champagne or simply as a tasty snack!

Nanaimo Bars start with a chocolately biscuit, coconut base, followed by a layer of custard cream (yet we do several other flavours to whet your appetite) topped off with a high quality Belgian chocolate that offsets the sweet middle perfectly! 

They can be dressed up or dressed down, enjoyed with a cold glass of milk or with a glass of Champagne! They are perfect to serve up at dinner parties, BBQs or to have on the go.

The Daily Mail: "We can't stop munching on these delectable Nanaimo Bars 'The Original.' We love serving them up as a sweet treat at dinner parties or bringing a sharing tub into the office to celebrate a birthday."
Olive Magazine: "Amazing Canadian confectionary. Delicious bitesize treats!"
OK! Magazine: "These treats have made our day! So, so yummy!"

Our bars come in five incredibly tasty flavours - original, mint, raspberry, caramel & exclusive to Tesco Backit - we are doing a never seen before flavour - 'Maple Pecan,' with plenty of real maple syrup! We hand craft our bars using top ingredients, ranging from free-range eggs to deliciously smooth and creamy butter with fresh milk to premium Belgian chocolate with a dash of bourbon vanilla! 

We are a young Canadian start up and family business with big dreams of offering unique and innovative Canadian food at a store near you. We founded our business because we loved Nanaimo Bars as kids and we still can't get enough of them today. We were born in the UK but our Mum is Canadian and would make the bars for dinner parties. Friends would always comment on how delicious they were.

Our Grandma, who is from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, first started to make Nanaimo Bars in 1953 and has passed down the family recipe through the generations. We now hand craft our Nanaimo Bars 60 years down the line in the UK, using the same recipe, mastered and perfected with fresh and premium ingredients!

Meet our family team 

Our first customers were Selfridges & Co and Harvey Nichols but we still have a long way to go! Doing everything by hand is time consuming and costly! With your help, the equipment needed will allow us to speed up the manufacturing process, save time and increase our volumes. 

"We would absolutely love to have you be a part of our story so we can increase our production, grow further and fulfil our ambitions and dreams of supplying the UK nationally!  Funding production to increase our volumes is expensive and often requires upfront payment so your pledges at any level will be a massive help to us. Thank you so much for your kind support!" 

Our goal is to scale Nanaimo Bars into more retailers so they are more readily available across the UK for you to enjoy! Please help by pledging for our rewards, so our small business can grow to the next level! We are incredibly passionate about what we do and would love for you to experience a taste of British Columbia, in a variety of mouth-watering flavours!

Be a part of our story and with your help, securing £10,000 or more will allow us to fund:

  • An increase in production volumes through the use of expensive equipment needed (such as commercial mixers) 
  • The development of new and exciting flavour - 'Maple Pecan' exclusive to Tesco Backit, for you to enjoy!

If we exceed our goal and secure £15,000 or more, we will: 

  • Develop and expand our product range to offer more unique and innovative Canadian food products (such as our 'Great Taste Award' winning maple syrup) 

  • Develop a brand new Nanaimo Bar flavour based on your votes! (We want you to be a part of the process!) We will send you a survey poll in our updates so you can vote.

  • Grow our brand through an increased marketing budget (online advertising costs)

  • Build up sales support to get into more retailers across the UK

As well as our tasty Nanaimo Bars, some of our rewards include:

A super soft t-shirt of your choice (NANAIMO BAR GROUPIE reward)

'Nanaimo Bars are awesome tee' OR our 'bear logo tee' OR our 'bear mountain tee!'

A poster of your choice (NANAIMO BAR GROUPIE reward)

Our Nanaimo Bear looking very dapper in his bow tie OR a scenic mountain view of British Columbia, Canada!

A personalised mug (FOODIE reward) or apron (DINNER PARTY BOX reward)

Simply send us a message when you pledge and we will personalise them ready for you!

A Nanaimo Bar eating guide with lots of delicious recipes including our Nanaimo Bar cocktail! (FOODIE reward)

Don't miss out on our Nanaimo Bar EARLY BIRD VIP PARTY reward - only 140 tickets available!

Why not make a weekend of it in the scenic Cotswolds? Canadian themed food, music, dancing, Nanaimo Bar cocktails from The Cocktail Car Company and of course plenty of Nanaimo Bars!

We will be posting lots of regular updates on Tesco Backit so you can follow our story. Don't forget to connect with us on social media so you can follow our news along the way!


Twitter: @nanaimobarsuk




Thank you for your amazing support and please share our page with friends, family & colleagues! Any pledge at any level will mean a lot to us! 

Risks & Challenges

We are confident that this project will be worth the investment. We have partnered with reliable and efficient couriers and have set a realistic delivery date to ensure your items are delivered on time, for the first week of December. 

There is a risk you won't like coconut and therefore this dessert may not be on your "favourites" list, but I would still give them a try as even coconut haters have been converted to Nanaimo Bar lovers!

Do your products contain allergens?

Yes, our products allergens include milk, egg, gluten, soya, coconut and nuts. 

Are your products vegetarian?

Yes, all of our flavours are vegetarian.

How many Nanaimo Bars are in a sharing tub?

There are 18 bars in a tub, so plenty for sharing!

How many Nanaimo Bars are in a snack size bar?

There are 2 bite size bars in a snack size bar, which are great for on the go!

How do you pronounce Nanaimo?


What does Nanaimo mean?

Nanaimo is a city on Vancouver Island, Canada and derives from the Indian word, meaning "the great people."

Where is the Nanaimo Bar VIP party held and what are the details?

Our party will be held at Deer Park Hall, Eckington, Pershore, WR10 3DN (a gorgeous venue with scenic views of the Cotswolds, surrounded by many Cotswold villages) Saturday the 19th of November 2016 from 6pm onwards. After our project ends, you will receive an e-invite with all the details. Keep your eyes peeled as our delicious Canadian food menu will be revealed in our updates!

How do I arrange for my mug or apron to be personalised?

Please contact us on here and we will personalise your mug or apron ready for you. 

T-shirts and posters

Once you have chosen your t-shirt and poster, please contact us on here to arrange your size and to confirm your t-shirt design and poster choice. Thank you. 

7 months, 1 week ago

To our awesome Nanaimo Bar supporters,

We wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for all of your help and support along the way. Unfortunately, we did not reach our funding target and so no pledges will be processed. However, we really do appreciate the time you took to share and spread the word about our campaign, as well as your generous pledges! Your support really does mean the world to us, so thank you!

Although we do not get the funds, all is not lost. As one of the first on the platform, this was quite the learning curve for us but what we have learnt has been invaluable. A few opportunities have also come out of this, for which we are grateful for. We will still continue to scale up our business and supply more stores. For those of you who are itching to try our delicious bars - you can still order from our webshop here: where we do all flavours plus our new seasonal Eggnog flavour to make your Christmas even more delicious!

We wish everyone a lovely Christmas and thank you again for your wonderful support!

Best wishes,

Rebecca, Lynne & George

8 months, 2 weeks ago

BIG BEAR HUGS for everyone who has pledged so far. You are all Nanaimo Bar heroes and we really appreciate your amazing support! 

We are now 15% funded which is so great but we still have a fair bit to go! If we reach our goal of £10,000, this will have a massive impact on our little business. Not only will we be able to develop exciting new flavours for you all to enjoy but primarily it will allow us to make use of equipment to increase our production volumes! This will allow us to supply more stores across the UK so we can all enjoy these little squares of delight! Every pledge helps us get one step closer to our goal and for that we can’t thank you enough!

We would also like to announce that we are looking for Nanaimo Bar Brand Ambassadors to spread the word about our campaign, which will really help us be in with a sweet chance! If you are interested and up for winning some fantastic prizes then please get in touch with Bec directly at

BRAND NEW LIMITED REWARD just added - THE MOVIE NIGHT BOX - perfect for Christmas gifts or to enjoy with family and friends. Bring the cinema to your home with the Smartphone movie projector 2.0 and a sharing tub of our best selling 'Original' flavour to enjoy with your favourite movie! Just 12 available so get your paws on them quick!

Thank you again for your kind support!

The Nanaimo Bar Team

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14 Nov 2016
Vanessa Spring

I've finally done it! Good luck 😉 xxx

12 Nov 2016
Rebecca Jeavons-Fellows

Pledged on behalf of a lovely customer - Sarah Townsend (Tesco, Evesham) who gave cash in store. Thank you Sarah and I hope you enjoy your mint bars ! :)

10 Nov 2016
Jane Warner

these are amazingly lovely, ordered some from the site.

4 Nov 2016
Catherine Smith

Good luck guys! Hope you achieve your goals and get in to Tesco... you deserve it!! Cat Smith x

31 Oct 2016
Annie Kershaw

Good Luck Lynne & Becky xxx

25 Oct 2016
Nicki Mazey

Hoping you each your target and very much looking forward to trying the bars X

25 Oct 2016
Georgia Menhinick

Good luck Bec xxxx

23 Oct 2016
Sara Smith

All the best! Thank you for supporting ACS we any wait to share our favourtie Canadian treat.

23 Oct 2016
Sara Smith

I had selected a £40 pledge. Why did it reset to £1?

19 Oct 2016

Can't wait to taste my bars! :-)

19 Oct 2016
Lisa Tomas

Good luck! Go Canada Go!

13 Oct 2016
Alice Brunt

I felt compelled to support your project after our email correspondence - very exciting! Fingers crossed!!

28 Sep 2016

Great idea - good to see large company supporting start ups

27 Sep 2016
James M

Love these products - hope you reach your target!

24 Sep 2016
Robert Tolson

Mmmm can't wait. Hope y'all met the goal for the Nanaimo Bars.

18 Sep 2016
Thomas Cox

Amazing Bec!

16 Sep 2016
John Passmore

Good luck guys! I'll have my name on the Apron : )