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A short summary of our project

Please help us to bring our British Sweet Popcorn to the shelves of supermarkets across the UK.  Who wouldn’t want to try popcorn flavoured with traditional sweets? Trust us, it is simply delicious! Sweet in flavour, but still beautifully light - and we’re gluten free and vegan too.

2017 is going to be our year. Retrocorn is raising £7500 as we want to attend 2 exhibitions – BBC Good Food in June to launch our product to the north of the UK and Lunch in September, which is a dedicated “Food To Go” event at Excel, London.

These events will help put Retrocorn on the map and bring our product to a national audience.

Who is Retrocorn?

I am Greg - or Mr Popcornoisseur?!. I absolutely love what I do.  I have spent the last 3 years building Retrocorn into what it is today. Before I started my Retrocorn I worked in Hospitality for 15 years, most recently as Head of Hospitality for the largest casino in the UK.

My passion for popcorn started many years ago when I was a child. I would often go to the cinema and before the film I would always have a treat.  Back then the choice was either popcorn or sweets.  I decided to change all that and make popcorn more fun by combining these two treats. The result is Retrocorn!

What our brand, product & business is all about

Three years ago I set up Retrocorn in my Grandmothers kitchen, leaving my job to pursue a lifelong dream of owning my own business.  Retrocorn makes popcorn, but not any old popcorn – we are truly unique.

We take the finest mushroom style corn (totally GM free), pop it into a blend of olive and rapeseed oil and then coat it in all those amazing flavours of your childhood … Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream, Cherry Pips, Lemon and Lime Sherbet, even Cola Cubes.  We literally take the sweets (that are all naturally flavoured and coloured) and coat our popped corn with them.  Our popcorn is suitable for vegans and as it’s made in our own dedicated popcorn nut free popcorn factory.

I know we have popcorn like no other on the market.  We have inherently British popcorn coated in classic sweet flavours, and we think the best branding on a bag of popcorn.

Retrocorn is so important to me, my grandmother was so proud of how far we had come, but without her none of this would have been possible.  All our flavours had to pass the ‘Nan Test’ which is how we ended up with our five great flavours.

I know with a little help and a platform we can bring this popcorn to life!

Your money will make the difference in helping us shout to the world about our fantastic Retrocorn. In the future we will be looking to develop new flavours - you could be amongst the first to try our new products and even try new flavours before they hit the shops.

Retrocorn aspirations

We are hoping to get listings in national supermarkets. We have just launched a large sharing bag that is ideal for the supermarket shelf.  Our product is different from what is currently available and being ‘free from’ and vegan gives us a unique point of difference. Everyone can eat our popcorn.

We currently have listing with various independent stores across the UK.  We have trials happening in China and have started to export to Sweden, with more conversations happening in the United States and as far away as New Zealand. It’s a very exciting time for us.

Retrocorn wants to become a world recognised brand of popcorn offering the consumer something different!

Why we need the funding?

The £7,500 will go on attending 2 trade shows this year.

·         A stand at Lunch will cost us £3,000

·         Production costs and delivery to show £500

·         Stand at BBC Good Food £3,000

·         Production costs and delivery to show £500

·         £500 for our stand to look pop-tastic!

If things really take off and we raise more money than expected, it will go towards taking on new larger premises to keep up with demand and the amount of space needed to store our product. We will keep our investors up to date every step of the way via our social media platforms, seeking your advice and suggestions to help us make the best decisions with your investment.

Retrocorn Rewards

We are offering some amazingly tasty bags of popcorn that have been made because of my love of popcorn and sweets. What’s even better is that they are pretty guilt free too!  Delicious white fluffy popcorn coated in crushed traditional sweets delivered right to your door. For the avid supporter a tour of our factory and meeting some of the team can be made available.

Retrocorn FAQs

  • What are the 5 flavours? Rhubarb and Custard, Strawberries and Cream, Cherry Pips, Cola Cube, Lemon and Lime Sherbet
  • Are all your flavours ‘free from top allergens’ Gluten free and Vegan? YES they are!
  • How many calories are in a serving? Our popcorn contains just 85 calories
  • How long does it stay fresh for? 6 months
  • How do you make it? – Made to our top secret recipe at our Retrocorn factory in Essex
  • Is your factory accredited by a third party? – Yes we have Salsa accreditation. Salsa is a food-safety standard written by experienced food safety experts to reflect both legal requirements of producers and the enhanced expectations of best practice of professional food buyers.
  • What is your recycling policy? – All our waste where possible is recycled using local Government resources.  We are actively looking for a way to re-use our food waste into animal feed.

Help Retrocorn get into the snack cupboards of homes across the UK!

Everyone has a favourite childhood sweet!

Is there a more quintessential taste of the English summer than strawberries and cream? We think not.  Take the flavour of ripe strawberries and lace it with a delicate yet purposeful hint of fresh cream – are you’re left with a flavour packing more oomph than, say…a Wimbledon-winning-cross-court volley. Bravo!

Or maybe you prefer a Lemon and Lime Sherbet, a few Flying Saucers and you’re a Limeaid fan! They’re all brilliant in their own right, but when you combine their powers, you get a zingy, zesty, and citrusy medley of greatness!

Whatever your flavour we need as many people as possible to get behind us.  You don't need to give money to help us succeed.

Please share this project with anyone you think could support us – on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, by email, telephone, in a chat over the fence or on your blog. We know we said you don't need to give money to help us, but we'd love it if you did!

Please sponsor us and help make this happen.

Where to find our social gatherings!


Twitter: @gregretrocorn


Pintrest: Retrocorn


We would love to hear from fellow popcornoisseurs – if there is a flavour you think we really ought to be making drop us a line, and you might be responsible for creating an exciting and sensational new popcorn flavour.

Please remember to follow us and like our page for regular updates

3 months ago

Hi Everyone, Thank you so much to all of you got that involved in backing my Tesco campaign.  We finished on 103% which is absolutely fantastic!

3 people pledged on the £500 reward, this included a donation to Children’s Charity Brainwave so we are delighted to be able to confirm they will also receive £300!

We have been super busy this week arranging all the rewards to come out to you all. They should be with you in a couple of weeks.

Thank you again for helping us achieve our target.


3 months, 1 week ago

89% funded so close!!!!!! Final 2 day push - its a full time job this, let alone running a popcorn company! Thank you to everyone that is making this possible.


3 months, 1 week ago

WOW what a day for pledges! Thank you to everyone that is making this possible.  So pleased there are so many people that love what we do and are prepared to put their hand in their pocket and support us! It really does mean so much to me.

We have worked so hard for this.

Just 2 days to go - Come on we can do this :)

Greg x

4 months ago

One month to go! Please continue to help us achieve our target.  We need everyone to get behind us so please don't forget to mention this to your friends and family.  We have great rewards available.  46% funded!

4 months, 2 weeks ago

What a great start to our first few weeks of campaigning for your support! I am delighted with the response so far 42% in just 19 days since we launched with Tesco Backit is fantastic! A big thank you to everyone that has supported us this far!

I hope to keep receiving pledges at the same rate they have been coming in over the past 2 weeks - Please help us if you can.  There are amazing exclusive rewards available exclusively to Tesco, you can even come to the factory and make our own flavour!

Please continue to share our story and campaign because as Tesco say -

Every little helps!

Thanks Greg

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24 Mar 2017
Jordan Amos

Good Luck Greg, hope you reach your target

24 Mar 2017
Danny Vaughan

Well done ✅ it's yummy stuff

24 Mar 2017
Carrie Slater

I really hope this happens sweetness 😊

24 Mar 2017
Daniel Partridge

Best of luck

24 Mar 2017
Lesley Cooper

Good luck 😉

24 Mar 2017
Janice Redrup

really hope that you succeed Greg, good luck, the popcorn is lovely and everyone who has tasted it loved it xx kind regards jan & Phil Redrup

24 Mar 2017
Michael O'Donnell

Good Luck 😉

23 Mar 2017
Graham Taylor

Good Luck xxxxx

22 Mar 2017
Holly Roberts

Let's go Retro!

22 Mar 2017
Gary Perry

Lovely product! tried it at Vegan Life live - would love to be able to but in the shops!

22 Mar 2017
Kieren Moule

I love RetroCorn! Please throw it in the shops! Most inventive, and most fun product ever for kids!

22 Mar 2017
Gareth Roberts

I Back you all the way

21 Mar 2017
Stuart Barnes

Good luck with everything 😎

11 Mar 2017
Samantha Stevens


22 Feb 2017
Jackie Smith

Good luck Greg from Jackie and Peter

20 Feb 2017
Denise Wood

Good luck Greg, love Philippa.

13 Feb 2017
Yvonne Fahy

Fantastic Product, discovered at the JustV Show in 2015, absolutely in love with the lemon & lime flavor, can't wait to see it stocked in Tesco Ireland, best of luck x

11 Feb 2017
Judith Davis

Go Retrocorn.......Take on the world

10 Feb 2017
Kim Law


10 Feb 2017
Kim Law

Good luck know you can do it xx

10 Feb 2017
Daniel Cooper

Good Luck!!

8 Feb 2017
Nichole Foxton

good luck Greg you deserve it

7 Feb 2017

All the best to an old friend 😘

7 Feb 2017
Denise Wood

Good luck Greg and Retrocorn from Denise and Barry

7 Feb 2017
Lee Browning

Please get behind this Amazing brand,

5 Feb 2017
Zoe Dennis

Good luck

5 Feb 2017
Jill Stammers

Good luck greg x

2 Feb 2017
Will Hunneybel

Good luck Greg with getting to your target I will share tomorrow. Everyone should support even just a little as it's a great British product to which you have put so much effort into. Good luck 🍀

2 Feb 2017
Kristian Gibbs

Good luck!

2 Feb 2017
Richard Lane

Tasty snacks .... Good luck!

2 Feb 2017
Darren Austin-Smith

A great product well received by all I have introduced it too.

31 Jan 2017
Zoe Vaughan

Good luck ... great popcorn 🍿

24 Jan 2017
Penny Greaves

Great product, we all love it.

24 Jan 2017
Penny Greaves

Retro corn is a great product, love it!