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This project received pledges on Mon 12 Dec 2016




pledged of £5,000



What is Sauce Shop?

Sauce Shop is a small independent producer of an award-winning range of colourful condiments and hot sauces, made in small batches using no added water, thickeners or stabilisers. The brand prides itself on its fresh taste and clean recipes - real sauce cooked as you would do at home.  

Pam and James founded the Nottingham-based business in 2014, cooking the sauce in their home kitchen and selling it on local markets. Since then the brand has gained nearly 100 wholesale customers and fine-tuned its range to 12 delicious flavours.


Where you come in…

We need your help to launch an exciting new product range early next year! The new range will complement our current line-up of 12 sauces.

We would be really grateful to have your support and any pledges you make will help towards:

  • Buying the stock from our manufacturer (estimated cost £3500)
  • Marketing – We love keeping in touch with consumers and businesses on social media, it’s our main point of contact and we need you to help us create an online storm about the new range with a social media advertising campaign (estimated cost £500)
  • Trade Shows – It would be great to launch the new range at a trade show next year, so we would need some new stand graphics and equipment (estimated cost £1000)


Why should you support us?

We are a small family run business, making products in the UK. Your pledges will be backing an exciting British brand that is growing every day. 

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a brand and have been lucky enough to receive two awards this year. Our Sriracha won a Great Taste Award (we are hoping our new product will too!) and we also won the BBC Good Food Show Bursary Award allowing us to appear at this year’s summer show. We are looking to build on this success and use this campaign to increase our presence in more retailers across the country and internationally.

Sauce Shop has come a long way in a couple of years and we are determined to keep developing, so we would be really grateful to have your support for this important step. You’ll get the pleasure of receiving some great rewards and will put big smiles on our faces!



We have some brilliant rewards lined up for you if you choose to back our campaign. Surprise surprise… You can get your hands on our sauces, with some packaged in our limited edition gift boxes (pictured above). Other rewards include a framed copy of one of our illustrations or a customised apron, and if you’re feeling really generous a bespoke sauce handmade and developed in a flavour of your choice (no gold leaf or caviar...) by our co-founder and sauce mastermind James.

Most of our rewards will be sent out to any UK address at the end of our campaign in December, perfect timing if you want to give them as Christmas presents! (Customised items may take a little longer)


Find us

Help us reach our target by following us on social media and sharing our campaign using #realsauce, we appreciate any support that you can offer us, financial or otherwise!


Q: Where will the money go if you pass your funding target?

A: If we are lucky enough to have our project over-funded, there are lots of things we could put the money towards, including:

  • In-store Tastings – these would support the launch of our new range and help us get out to our customers and let them try the product before they buy.
  • Consumer Shows – it would be great to get out and show our products to a new audience! Some extra money could be put towards stands at some of the top food shows around the country.



6 months, 2 weeks ago


THANK YOU EVERYONE!! 45 days, over £5,000 raised from over 100 backers!

It's such a brilliant feeling to have reached our target and we are so grateful for your generous pledges and support in getting the word out throughout our campaign.

We're now working our way through your reward requests so we can get them out to you as soon as possible!

Now that we have reached our target we are really excited to get to work on revealing and launching our new product range next year and can't wait to share it with you. Watch this space!

Thank you again!!

Pam, James & Ali

6 months, 3 weeks ago



The clock is ticking but we've got some real momentum going, £1,000 more to raise in the final 5 days!

A huge thank you to everyone who has pledged to our campaign so far and is still spreading the word with friends and family, your help is getting us closer and closer to that £5,000 target. 

We really want to get your rewards out to you, and it would mean so much to us to get this funding and some great business mentoring so please keep it up and share across social media etc. Not far to go!

Pam, James & Ali

7 months, 2 weeks ago

2 week update

Hi everyone!

A BIG thank you to everyone who has pledged to our campaign in the first couple of weeks, It's been nerve-wracking so far but an amazing feeling to know we have such generous supporters, whether friends, family or people we have only just come across!

We printed up an illustration apron (part of our £100 reward) to see how it turned out and it's great! There's still 7 more available and you can choose any of the illustrations from our website. Here's James striking a pose...

We're hoping to pick up some real momentum as we enter these last few weeks of the campaign but we have a long way to go before we reach that £5,000 target so we need your help. Please help us spread the word, telling your friends and family and all those shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. really do make a difference so keep at it!

Thank you again for your support.

Pam, James & Ali

7 months, 4 weeks ago

We hit £1000!!

It's been a brilliant start to our campaign and we're so pleased with the response so far. Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged over the past week, we're like kids on Christmas morning when we get those notifications!

Please do keep sharing our campaign across social media, it's great if you guys spread the word as well as us and with your help we can reach our target and get your rewards in the post.

Once again thank you to everyone who has pledged so far and let's get to that £5000!

Pam, James & Ali

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12 Dec 2016
Zahra Hadi

HI could i please get mushroom ketchup, really hot sauce, buffalo sauce. thanks and good luck James and Pam!

12 Dec 2016
Pam Digva

Thanks for all the lovely comments guys!! We are so happy to have reached our target and can't wait to send you all your rewards!!

11 Dec 2016
Marcus 'Myfoodhunt' Darwent

I have loved these guys and their 'sauce' and sauces since I first met them, and kept meeting them, at Farmers and Local Markets over the last few years

11 Dec 2016
Dan Doran

Yay! We did it. Well done. 😀

11 Dec 2016
Nadia Howes

Tried these sauces ages ago at a local restaurant (proper burger company in Newark), sooo nice! Happy to pledge and receive my sauces! They are amazing! If you like your sauces, you'll LOVE these. Good luck guys 😍 X

11 Dec 2016
Katie Purves

Good luck guys, great sauces!

10 Dec 2016
Katie Oliver

Christmas love Pambe, James and minibee. Hope you smash it xxx

9 Dec 2016
Pam Digva

Thank you everyone for backing us today!! Nearly there so keep sharing then you can choose your sauces etc. and we can get your rewards sent out :)

9 Dec 2016
Katherine Quinn

Good luck guys. xx

9 Dec 2016
James Faulkner

Good luck

9 Dec 2016
Denis O'Driscoll

Good luck Guys. I like what you did on LinkedIn. Do more of that marketing!! Looking forward to trying out the products. Whoop whoop. Den and Zoe @ Corvin Fox

9 Dec 2016
Tom Irons

Good luck both of you!

9 Dec 2016
John Woods

Products look great guys, how do I chose my 3 bottle flavours?

8 Dec 2016

Good Luck Sauce Shop!

7 Dec 2016
Caroline Cotterill

Good Luck!

5 Dec 2016
Tim Greveson

Keep going guys - sure you will get there!

4 Dec 2016
Jo Hull

Good Luck Jimmy and Pamby, you are over halfway!! . :-)

12 Nov 2016
Pam Digva

Thank you so much!

12 Nov 2016
Salim Jakhra

Good luck guys!

11 Nov 2016
Michael Edwards

Amazing sources , I had these at a cafe I went when they were on the table, we all go there for breakfast now .

9 Nov 2016
Pam Digva

Thanks Amiee! x

9 Nov 2016
Amiee Parkes

Good luck both. The sauce's are amazing!!!

2 Nov 2016
Lauren Kisby

Good luck to you both! Lauren xx

1 Nov 2016
Pam Digva

Thank you very much Rezi!!

1 Nov 2016
Rezi Zimsek

Wishing you huge success ! Rezi ( Good Mood Food )

29 Oct 2016
Leonie Wright

Best sauce ever! Fact.

28 Oct 2016
Emily Thrupp

yo yo yo good luck guys!!! xxx

28 Oct 2016
Pam Digva

Thanks so much for the support Leigh!

28 Oct 2016

I met you at The Griffin in Swithland and have enjoyed your sauces ever since. Best of luck guys!